@GroupIncome if haven't heard of it check out
...also sad seeing you using slack.
how about xmpp, matrix, rocket chat, mattermost?

@paulfree14 We are using Slack, bridged with Gitter: gitter.im/okTurtles/group-inco

We'd love to use something else, but right now our hands are too busy with other things. :-(

free and open culture instead of proprietary and patents 

@paulfree14 @GroupIncome
happy to hear that you're interested in. I've had talks with a couple of projects and most of them didn't care.

For me it's not so much about the software, but a question in which kind of society we want to live in. ...closed accsess to knowledge and the ideology of concurence are not part of my values.
So I reject as much as I can anything supporting this.

free and open culture instead of proprietary and patents 

@GroupIncome @paulfree14
There are several dynamics we create when choosing different.
being part of setting norm and status quo (the reson why ppl use slack is mainly cause other ppl use slack...and much positive things are to read about)
being selfcenterd in a way that we not support others fighting the same struggle.

free and open culture instead of proprietary and patents 

@paulfree14 @GroupIncome
So we think what brings our project as best forward, instead of what brings society as best forward. Through that there are thousands of projects who could have an enorn impact if stopping to thinking only project wide. ...like the critical mass is already here, we just don't act together.

free and open culture instead of proprietary and patents 

@GroupIncome @paulfree14
...so while you're while using mastodon within a floss communitie you can bet that you resieve support once asking for.
...myself I can't host anything, but I can send you some solution which are hosted by friendly opensource software ppl.

I can help you.choosing a workflow inline with your own.values 

@paulfree14 @GroupIncome
If you like you can just describe your needs, how you work together and I make a short advocate how you could do it with no nearly no effort while switching to #opensource

@paulfree14@social.tchncs.de @paulfree14 Well, we are already using an OSS bridge to do Slack <=> Gitter comms, and it supports other chat systems.

Here's what we're using: github.com/42wim/matterbridge

It's pretty great, and if someone wants to setup an OSS Group Income slack-type chat we can hook it up to that using this software :)

@paulfree14 @paulfree14@social.tchncs.de Our priorities however prevent us from taking that particular task on ourselves right now. We're always welcoming help and support! :D

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