now Gryph needs the break . still Gryph wants to come back very soon

still Gryph gets random thoughts too . then to put all these into one text can be hard

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Gryph should try and continue the Gryph's Gryphon writings here

bc the Gryphons like nice places . so Gryph's like everywhere . still often in forests

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Gryph often lives in a forest still Gryph may have an apartment too

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then Gryph may want to go to explore new places in a city with u

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when u visit the Gryph's eyrie . magic things may happen

Gryph spends lots of time in the forest . bc the forest is a safe place for Gryph

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if Gryph sees a forest from the sky . Gryph knows the forest has secret places

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when Gryph finds the dungeon exit . Gryph feels nice when the outside light hits Gryph

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when Gryph goes into a mystery dungeon . Gryph looks out for nice places

Gryph's back . now Gryph wants to meet new nice creatures

yeh . good night . when Gryph returns be very nice to Gryph

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Gryph's returned . Gryph thinks what should Gryph do now . perhaps something nice

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