A short story about fall detection in the new Apple Watch: Over a year ago, my mother -in-law suffered a fall and lost part of her memory. We don’t know how she fell or what she did over the 3 days that she was alone, just that her back was covered in bruises and she had a fractured skull. She’s recovered, but lost much of her sense of smell and taste. It could have been much, much worse. Fall detection could have ensured that she got immediate help. This feature will save lives.

@KevinHoctor Did you ever manage to see him live? He is a storm upon the stage and captures everyone with his energy.

@paulca Ha! That’s great. Do you remember what was in it?

@jsnell Haha! Was that the wacky domain name you bought? It’s perfect.

@jeff_lamarche Not me! But a family member. It’s been a “fun” week of vacation.

@Cdespinosa @schwa Those are news to me. I’ll take any tips on good spots around there!

@Cdespinosa My Page > Settings > Edit Timeljne to enable it. I’m not sure how it works. I believe as new posts are added to the top of your timeline.

@schwa Sunnyvale is not quite as fun as SF... You said you were changing groups, right? I’m down there every few months so we should try to get lunch sometime.

@joesteel Those are the advanced courses. It works like Scientology.

Now that we’re all settled in here would you like to sign up for my newsletter and lecture series in which I advocate for an ideology of intellectualized self-service, bigotry, and hatred?

@Moltz The man is a wonder. It’s like he climbed in to that machine in The Fly and came out gradually becoming more beautiful.

@Moltz Did you invest heavily in a collection of LibreOffice mice? Those things were glorious.

@Verso Not bad! I wish I could make the Gte all lowercase. But I get annoyed by the dumbest screwups I make.

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