Oh hey - the neighborhood fox is snoozing out in my back yard

Oh shit. I just got a letter from the county auditor indicating that the taxable value of my home has changed.

My home now has a base taxable value of $​@​TY19_BASE@​. Cool.

US Healthcare is the fucking worst 

Yeah, I'm that applicant who uses the \LaTeX command on their resume.

US Politics 

Welp. Got thrown off that project.

Apparently it's "Highly Unprofessional" to request that someone read the email you sent about a specific topic and then have a call later, rather than do a deep dive during the morning scrum.

Now they will solve their timeline issues!

Big-ass harvest today - Zucchini, serrano peppers, bell peppers, and edamame!

Sadly, the cucumbers and crookneck squash aren't doing so well. Damn the heat.

We definitely let that zucchini get a little large though XD

Holy shit capitalism.

My bank just sent me a letter. They've determined I don't log in to my online banking enough.

Therefore, they are disenrolling me from paperless statements, and "depending on the account I have" I may be assessed a paper statement fee.


Fortunately, I can log into online banking and re-enroll in paperless statements. But wow.

Well, at least the phone agent wasn't a huge douche - but fuck you Direct Energy sales guy.

Energy deregulation pisses me off.

Good Omens Screen Cap 

Finally finished my first Kotobukiya model. Bough this ages ago and only now got around to actually finally putting it together.

Definitely not as bad as folks made it out to be. Certainly, it required focus and precision - but I'm quite happy with how it came out.

Finding U-Bend ballast bypass bulbs is, in fact, a nightmare. I'm not actually sure they even really exist outside of 20-packs for contractors.

I did find a kit that retrofits a standard 2'x2' U-Bend fixture to use three 2' tubes - but how many vendors sell 2' tubes? So far, not many.

I'm still doing it though. Because right now I don't have the anything to actually redo that fixture completely.

Fuck fluorescent in residential settings.

I've found *plenty* of those instant-fit LED tubes, but let's be real - the ballast on that fixture is already dying. It's probably a lot closer to death than you realize.

Instant fit retrofits are a waste of time and effort because if your ballast is bad, your bulb is still gonna look like shit.

Pro Tip: If you buy a house with a fluorescent fixture that uses U-Bend lights, be sure to budget for getting rid of that fixture ASAP.

U-Bend tubes are the fucking worst and retrofitting the fixture is going to be A Problem.

Best part so far: Boromir (randomly chosen!) falling to the Lure of the Ring on Turn 3. Didn't even make it to Moria this time around.

Update: Seige on Minas Tirith continues; Fellowship is down to Peregrin Took, Strider, and Gimli with the ringbearers and stuck near Goblin's Gate; Gandalf is making cinnamon rolls for everyone in Minas Tirith as they sit down for a break

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