When you type ./configure, the GNU Build System automatically spends the next ten minutes reminiscing about every major and minor unix variant created since 1971

@killerdicke @jordyd That's nice. I prefer configure systems that don't need to take ten minutes on *any* systems.


@vikxin @killerdicke @jordyd Is configure time even a real pain point, or is that one of those instances where we had to switch out the entire init system so servers could display a login prompt in under two seconds from the point the BIOS was finished with the three minute POST, and then load the actual services in the background when the person sitting in the datacenter frantically trying to log in wouldn't be bothered by that anymore?

@GyrosGeier @killerdicke @jordyd Whenever I update my kernel and dkms rebuilds ZFS it spends several minutes running all of the configure tests one at a time and then a few seconds actually building because of all the cores I have. Configure scripts are even worse on Windows where spinning up processes is slower. Autotools is bad and needs to go.

@vikxin @killerdicke @jordyd right, we could just assume that we're compiling on BSD, that would speed it up a lot. :>

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