I've maintained for many years, over and over, that the legacy Terry Fox left behind for all of us will endure for many generations to come.
And, this pic proves just that.
Here is Terry Fox's own grand nephew, Coen, getting ready to light it up at yesterday's annual Terry Fox Run.

is more than a phrase. It's a testament of who we are as people.
18 years ago, September 11 2001, Americans banded together refusing to let terrorism win. A dark day filled with heroism kindness and devastation. A day we saw the actions of the worst and the very best of people.
Never forget the lives lost and remember the service members who answered the call to defend.
Honor them and may they rest in peace, knowing they did what very few could imagine.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then this one is worth each and every one of them.

Wishing all my friends here in all the best as we prepare for Hurricane Dorian.
Stay safe, fellow bluenosers and maritimers!!

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock Rock Festival, which was hailed as three days of peace, love and music.
Pictured above is he album cover from the festival, which featured a couple embracing each other. Below is the couple whose photo was featured on the album cover.
And they're still together and going strong today, 50 years later. How cool is that?

What a great day out there today, I prefer +24 over -24 any day

Been away from here for a week or so, methinks I need to come on more. But there's no sunshine indoors...

Back home from the Nova Scotia Liberal Party levee that was held last night in . Great time, great food, great people-that's what these things are all about.

Oh man, this heat is sickening. +34, and that's without the humidex.

Officially on vacation!! Next week me and bro hit the road to tackle our to do list- football, , baseball, and the .

Such blasphemy, how dare they publish such an article!!
You should be jailed for criticizing Grand Duchess Ivanka. Luxury handbag design will play a critical role in shaping world trade and peace.

Oh wow man, the Montreal Canadiens regular season schedule has already been released.

Besides Canada Day, today also marks what would have been Princess Diana's 58th birthday.
A champion to all humanity, especially to those in greatest need, often overlooked by others. She espoused the principals and actions we hold most dear, and exemplified the ideals and values of people to people contact.
Above all, she demonstrated that even those in privilege could share the burden and sorrow of the less fortunate.

A Happy Canada day to my fellow Canadians on Mastodon and beyond.
As we celebrate Canada day, remember these holidays are derived from new ideas, hard work and that every voice does matter. Let's take the extra time that we have this week and reflect on not just making the world great but making it better. We know we are not strong in spite of our differences but because of them.
Happy Canada Day everyone!!

The countdown is on... ten more days and I go on vacation-BOOM!!

I'm still trying to coerce my friends and co workers to try this Mastodon site....

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