Happy Easter Sunday, everybody...
As the sun comes up for you, know that you can find forgiveness and eternal life at any moment by saying "I Believe." May your heart and those of your loved ones be filled with so much joy and peace on this Easter and all days after.
And may the eternal message of joy, hope and peace always prevail among us.
Happy Easter to everyone on Mastodon and beyond.

Well, with the eliminated from the playoffs tonight, that leaves as the only remaining team in this year's playoffs

Let's see..
Deep Purple-Machine Head
Thin Lizzy-Jailbreak
Wishbone Ash-Argus
Led Zeppelin II
Bad Company-Straight Shooter
And yours...?

I wonder-and I should have inquired about this long before now- could anybody tell me if has a mobile app?

man it sucks not getting to watch the seeing that they never mead the playoffs again this year. But glad that the season has begun.

Another loss for the tonight, safe to say their season is over. Oh well as I always say, onto the next one. Rather, I'll just say till next season. Hey I've been saying that now since 1994.

And for those of us in the "fake news" era that thought April Fools Day was a non-event...

When asked why he isn't crying more or why he isn't sad, his brother replied
"Here's my answer: There's simply no room in me today or for the rest of my life" he said "because I'm filled with too much pride for my brother. And I will spend the rest of my days celebrating his life."
Best answer I've ever heard from a grieving loved one

In a world where we're free to be whatever we want... be kind.

Another win by the tonight over the . They manage to keep their playoff hopes alive.

A good win for the tonight over the Sabres. To the point now where every game is crucial, every point is important

Oh wow man, haven't been on here for about a week now. Guess I gotta start coming on more often...

How appropriate that today, on the thirtieth anniversary of the World Wide Web, half the internet goes down

Today being International Women's Day, a big shout out to all ladies.
Because if it weren't for women, none of us would be here today.Their gender is a pillar of strength, not weakness.
Women make the world beautiful, they protect it and keep it alive. They bring the grace of renewal, the embrace of inclusion and the courage to give of oneself.
May all women everywhere be free to express, dream, create and live their hearts deepest desires.
Enjoy the day, ladies!!

Pretty pumped, got me two tickets to go see The Cult in concert

Another loss for the tonight, this time to New Jersey

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