This thing is still making my brain hurt.

@QueenBITCH It does and I can’t handle this brightness. How do I turn Twitter’s handicapped cousin into night mode?

@HOlivia I don’t know. Mine legit came with night mode. What app do you have?

@QueenBITCH Uhm... Mast. If I keep using I’ll get the toot app though

@HOlivia It’s by the settings wheel on the top left. It says “dark mode tint”.

@QueenBITCH I did that already. Must be a glitch for me or something.

@HOlivia It can’t handle all these new accounts just suddenly showing up. Server overload.

@QueenBITCH Lol I can’t wait to see people following people that they don’t like

@HOlivia Girl, I legit did that yesterday. Pray for me. It did it on its own too.

@HOlivia @QueenBITCH My app has a theme option in settings. Or you can make your whole phone dark and it’ll make the app be like that too.

@KookySummers @QueenBITCH I tried setting it to darker in the settings. Still stayed bright af.

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