@DlOSALATINA Oh. It’s like a bunch of Spanish ads and stuff.

@QueenBITCH I don’t know. I signed up on web and then followed everyone Abel was following and then I went down the chain lmao. I stalked. No shame

LOOOOOOOL. She already about to be suspended for being NSFW.

And as per Kait’s dilemma... you may never be able to unblock who you block.

This is what I’ve learned.
- When/if you delete an account it’s gone forever.
- The same username can never be reused
- You can’t search for new people. So I’m pretty sure that means you just have to stalk people to see who they talk to.

@QueenBITCH Lol I can’t wait to see people following people that they don’t like

@QueenBITCH I did that already. Must be a glitch for me or something.

This place is so new that not even our FC’s have accounts.

@KookySummers @QueenBITCH I tried setting it to darker in the settings. Still stayed bright af.

@QueenBITCH Uhm... Mast. If I keep using I’ll get the toot app though

@QueenBITCH It does and I can’t handle this brightness. How do I turn Twitter’s handicapped cousin into night mode?

The people that I see on here are literally the OG ones lmfao. The ones who’ve been around too long. We gotta have multiple platforms. :yikes:

@QueenBITCH OHHH. Okay, now I see. I guess it takes a bit getting used to. Pretty clean platform though.

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