Does anyone know how how I can create a custom theme for my mastodon instance? I know that there is a place for custom css, where can I find documentation or a video tutorial on this?

@WilliamsStrangeFest This is why the dudeism website appeals to me. It's blasphemous to Christianity and Mormonism and I have a thing for blasphemy.

I feel like people on mastodon will only really engage you in a conversation, if you go against their view. Why is that?

Let me explain why I don't like about YouTube. Creating quality content is a time consuming process. Creators work hard to grow their channels, but just because the YouTube admins and mods don't like your opinion all of your videos and account can vanish overnight and you have to start over. Many times people get their channels deleted for no reason after having made quality videos for years.

Here are my criticisms on Twitter. The censorship and shadow banning ruins the experience for me. If they don't like what you have to say, you get banned for no reason and your account just vanishes. This is really bad, it seems like they are pro tyranny because they want to stamp out free speech.

So here are my criticisms of the GETTR platform. They don't have a notifications tab so it is impossible to know if someone mentioned, liked or replied to your post. They also don't have a featured that allows DMs. So it is really difficult to connect with people. Of course the platform is still growing, and they will probably improve with time.

Sometimes it is good to just sit back and appreciate all the good things in your life.

Sometimes I feel like the federated timeline is just a huge swimming pool filled with postie notes...

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sometimes it is hard to know who is a bot, and who is real on here

Not much happening in the local time line, but federated is hopping

Anyone and everyone, what are your thoughts about GETTR?

Although people are talkative on here, I feel like they are reluctant to follow.

seeing some weird polls on the federated timeline lol

Mastodon is quite fun to use, people are willing to chat and actually reply on this instance.

I feel like people on Mastodon are more willing to have conversations, than people on Twitter.

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