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it's so hard to feel like i'm not let everyone down

everyone around me is hurting but so am i and i don't know how to deal with tthis

if you play video games ffuck oyu

@mno i love em too!! right now my project only has the backend code for making things very rare, but i eventually wanna get into having to perform specific action sequences to do things :D

@Efi omg
honestly you might but right now it's a VERY low chance of happening

it's got cool stuff!!
it's got a bugfix that makes the world actually infinite!
it's got rideable bloomseeds!
it's got TWO new geographical features!
it's got a secret so rare people probably won't find it for MONTHS!

probably not gonna work on secret spaces much more this week because this week is Actual Hell but there'll still be a minor update come the weekend ^^

i have done some serious research and discovered that horny is, actually, fake

anyways now fall damage is more extreme BUT it's way easier to ride bloomseeds now which is cute

working on Secret Spaces in class because I have no other time to work on it I guess

today is weird

welcome to Hell Class, there's a very old dying woman in the back of it and you didn't know you have to do a presentation until just now

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A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. A bird underfoot is worth seven bushes. Your survival depends on a detailed understanding of the currency of fowl and feather and bone. You have a debt. They are coming, and They intend to collect.

@Efi @ohtorifightclub i'm like a game design hippie though, don't listen to me if you don't wanna

@Efi @ohtorifightclub though also, like, it's important to look at the parts of a game that are assumed to be default, and see what those parts actually imply about the world of the game and the mindset of the developers etc etc

@Efi @ohtorifightclub yeah, if it were just a random game then i wouldn't care nearly as much, but *because* it's a game i love so much i've spent so much time looking into its cracks

@ovnize no, i haven't!! i'll check it out :D

@Efi @ohtorifightclub oh hell yes, nullpointer is absolutely fun as hell

@Efi @ohtorifightclub damn these are some good cookies, thank you