इस इंडिया को खोजने बड़े बड़े जहाजी निकले। Indian Ocean का नामकरण हुआ। ईस्ट इंडीज़, वेस्ट इंडीज़, रेड इंडियन भी इसी इंडिया के कारण पहचाने गए।,

अब कुछ चमन चू... संघी इस गौरवशाली नाम को मिटाना चाहते हैं। इनसे बड़ा देशद्रोही आज तक नहीं देखा। उससे भी बड़ा सवाल उठता है हमारे न्याय का मंदिरों पर, जो इस कुत्सित केस की समीक्षा को तैयार हो गए!!

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अब हमारे न्यायालय "India" नाम की समीक्षा करेंगे!!

India नाम कोई ओंगा पोंगा नहीं है। इसका भी एक इतिहास है।

प्राचीन काल में सप्त सिंधु नदी से हप्त हिंदु बना। उसी हिंदु को ग्रीक लोगों ने इंडस बनाया, जो कालांतर में इंडिया बना।

Even after disastrous 6 years someone has audacity to praise himself. How can someone be so shameless? Is it election rally? What's the purpose of letter? Full of self-praise, to the extent he mentioned "My govt", he forgot , only President can refer govt as " My govt"

Modi doesn't own the government, it is the President.

Idiot Prime Minister destroyed India.

Four pages of self praise n gutter gas. No mention of migrant labourers, counterfeit PPE kits resulting in infection of Doctors, Nurses, Security staff etc No mention of Chinese agression in & current situation. Raddi paper 4 cleaning dog poop.

What SG Tushar Mehta said today, will make people realize that Sanghi termites have fully infested our Judiciary. The last standing pillar of Democracy is officially broken. No hope with this Country now. You, me & everybody who were mute spectators are culprits.

@HalkatHateli I don't know what's worse. The fact that you used such shit lyrics for this song, or the fact I recognized this song from these shit lyrics.😂

It's in Malayalam. Lyrics are: Punchiri thanji konjikko
Munthiri mutholi chinthikko
Monjani varna chundari vaave
Thaankunakka thakathimi aadum thankanilaave, hoy.

Meaning: Flirt with your smiles
Spread your beautiful smile [from your grape shaped pearly whites]
Oh, you beautiful young lady
Oh, you [dancing] golden moonlight

This is upto something. He thinks that whole world is busy in fighting . Their economies are in tatters. US is on its knees. Why not capture Taiwanese and Indian territories!! Our Army too must be battle ready... War is looming over us.

When a train runs, all stations are properly instructed. Driver & TTE too knows about time table & stations that'll come en-route. Station Masters prepare track accordingly.

It beats my mind on how can this happen to dozens of trains!

Its intentional..!!

Anybody here from my T.wit.ter follower or following list. Please revert.

@Amber Wo duniya chhod ke idhar aa gyi tu...!!

Par apna birdsite account kisi bhi namoone ko mat dena. Keep it with urself as "turup ka ikka". You'll need it in future.

My birdsite handle is updated now

U can see me at "HALKUTHATELI"

😊 😊

@Bloodyatheist If a Hindu is successful, he is self-made and all that. If a Muslim is successful, it's because the society let him. That's the agenda they're pushing. Fucking sycophants.

Hi all. I am back from my Kerala vacay. Hope you are all in good health amd spirits.

Well....on closer inspection, both girls seem to be different. My bad.

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आज अगर हमने अपनी आवाज़ नहीं उठाई तो ये सरकारी उठाई गिरे देश को बर्बाद कर के रख देंगे। भाजपा, , , , Bajrang Dal etc etc ये सब देश के दुश्मन है। इन दीमकों को नहीं संभाला तो ये पूरे देश को चाट जाएंगे

Happy New Year Friends!!
Pray, you all have a fantastic year, filled with new hope & aspirations!!
Welcome to #2020 👏😁💃🏻🕺🏻

BJP IT Cell pulled all the power it could muster to change the result of twitter poll on NRC..but Power of Democracy is bigger than 2 Rs. trolls

RT @GargiRawat@twitter.com

No one has been tried in a court, convicted, yet money is being demanded by the state govt & the Muslim community being forced to pay up. How is this even legal? How about making people pay for Bulandshahr violence as well.. Where police vehicles burnt by Bajrang Dal et al twitter.com/ndtv/status/121059

🐦🔗: twitter.com/GargiRawat/status/

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