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Don't be distracted about a magic "earthquake weapon".
This weapon is well known. It huge serial demolition by nuclear bomb of various size.

It is not HAARP!
HAARP is mainly used to demolish the ozone layer to make the stratosphere more transparent for UVC, UVB and UVA rays for evaporating more water from the oceans!


Pumping of water comes after the nuclear fracking of the rock formations!

's for !


Dear Friends,

at least 407 people were killed by an huge earthquake at the border region between Iran and Iraq.


Please observe such earthquakes under the perspective of of shale gas exploration.

Second step after finding of area and depth of fracking site, deep under the ground, some thousand meters, is civil nuclear demolition of rock formation, to break the oil-gas bearing rock into tiny particles.

's for !

Bröckers als Propagandist der Klimamafia!

Bitte schaut Euch die neuesten Kommentare an.

KenFM im Gespräch mit: Mathias Bröckers

Misery of comes from failing !

The Syrian meteorologists should be aware of geophysical warfare on their country, but they are brainwashed and badly educated like many other fake scientists of climatology and meteorology in the world.

Dissecting the released JFK files, the book "Final Judgement" of Michael Collins Piper should be considered and verified or falsified.


What You should understand foremost is that the global governance of the global airspace, global water cycle, global carbon cycle is the ESSENCE of GLOBALIZATION.

This is the reason why bansters have become environmentalists and why they can "predict" and "insure" climate catastrophes.

It is the BIGGEST scheme, !
geoarchitektur.blogspot.de/201 mastodon.social/media/1yNc8sR5

Because of that the sky is mostly covered with smog trails and smog clouds. They prevent the sunlight reaching the surface, resulting in reduced photosynthesis, less oxygen (O2) for breathing and less vitaminD.

When there is a hole in this smog cover, the sunlight reaching the surface is very intense and burns very fast.

So we are kept mostly between extreme deficiency and sometimes extreme intensity of sunlight.


Without ozone the intense sunlight is not filtered. This additional energy is required to lift more water from oceans and any other resource of evaporation to lift maximum amount of water into the upper layers of troposphere.

Why do we suffer from sunlight deficiency?

Why does it burn on the skin when the sun shines?

This is easy to explain!

The ozone layer is reduced intentionally by spraying chemicals into the stratosphere. They call it SAI (Stratospheric Aerosol Injection). The O3 (ozone) reacts with these chemicals and drops out as a very fine ash.