Hyped for and deep respect for Ron Gilbert making the game HE wants while trusting the strengths of his team. To be blunt about it: LOVING THE ART!

As a @signalapp@twitter.com user, I want ... @ShitUserStory@twitter.com

Although we did not meet in life, I thank @laffer35 for the many great evenings a friend and I had playing through Gabriel Knight 2. It would simply not have been possible without your subtitles.

Clashes will never be a nice thing, but it gives hope to see @cassidyjames and @danrabbit handling the situation the way they do. It says a lot about a project like @elementary when people in disagreement still wish for it to have the best possible future. Thanks to both.

@mozilla As a Firefox for Android user, I would like to close the bottom two tabs without being interrupted by a snackbar blocking the bottom tab.

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Dear AI researchers in the Netherlands. Please sign the open letter calling upon the Dutch government to join international efforts to prohibit lethal autonomous weapon systems, and to commit to never developing, acquiring or deploying such weapons.


Verder ontdekt dat T-Mobile Voicemail, de voicemail van T-Mobile, erg houdt van de naam van de voicemail van T-Mobile. Die naam is T-Mobile Voicemail, aldus T-Mobile Voicemail.

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Net de "Introductie T-Mobile Voicemail" geluisterd. Veel geleerd, zoals dat T-Mobile Voicemail werkt als "een cassetterecorder". Nu nog ontdekken wat dat is.

Leuk spel: 1. Hang je tas aan de haak. (Niet op de vieze wc-vloer zetten!) 2. Kijk toe hoe de tas danst op de bewegingen van de trein. 3. Doe je ding en geniet van de extra spanning terwijl je tas willekeurig knopjes indrukt. @NS_Online

Alle reclameborden op de stations op wit. Wat een verademing! Vooral de afwezigheid van die continue bewegebde borden geeft een ongekende rust. Hoor ik daar nu mijn eigen gedachten weer? Nog heel eventjes genieten met de feestdagen.

Slightly ironic that Mozilla's page's "Submit a product" button points to a Google Form? :P


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