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hey I'm over at unless something goes wrong and I come back to this account

watching the last season of Halt and Catch Fire and this is maybe the funniest thing I've seen this year

Joe, looking at Haley playing music on her Walkman: Hey, you know you can use the AUX cord and play that on the car stereo

Haley: No, you wouldn't like it

Joe: Go ahead

"Fish Heads" by Barnes and Barnes begins playing

Joe and Haley, stare dead faced off into the distance

i'm fine i'm not avoiding stuff it's just that i suddenly really really need to focus on learning the si stebbins stack until i forget all of my responsibilities

salute your jorts dot horse admin, @killeveryhetero, for bravely upgrading the instance live with no downtime

hey I'm over at unless something goes wrong and I come back to this account

moving over to happyhorseskull @ because it's the best social network url ever

one of my favorite Penn and Teller FUs involves Brian Brushwood from Scam School on Youtube performing psychic surgery

mint: you spent $0.00 last week. wait, that can't be right

me: that's right fucker I hacked capitalism and also I'm poor so get off my nutsack

just a normal saturday night watching this video muted and shouting "what the fuck, fuck you" repeatedly at my computer screen

wait so do I get to keep all the bofa follows if they shut down the instance?

this bullshit is larceny

it's not that I'm a negligent person it's just that I'm feeding these pets I'm caring for at irregular intervals to simulate the hunting lifestyle

sext: you make your plan, again as i get my weapons

I can make half my rent by selling plasma that's basically like getting paid to do nothing right

honestly I'm not sure if this freelance ad is a joke or a solid move by a young up and comer in the business world

As an old proverb goes: the best time to destroy the bourgeoisie is centuries ago. But the second best time is now.

It's not snake oil, it's "L'huile de serpent". Only $849 per fl.oz

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