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@racheline_m@twitter.com @SharadeeReads@twitter.com Add in how he somehow thought that “transition to hip hop” was the opposite of “gay girly music” and I feel like there is…a Lot Going On beneath the surface, and it’s making me super uncomfortable.

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The obvious due process issue is this.

Having received multiple urgent allegations of the sort that should result in a lifetime ban, SafeSport did not act with sufficient alacrity to evaluate those allegations in a way that would provide safety to the accusers.

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We only took pictures of 49 teas and herbal infusions, which prove how successful I was to bring my number of teas down this year

(*how* can you be involved in figure skating at all and not know anything about the rampant homophobia in this sport is beyond me)

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Basically Nathan Chen had the opportunity to use his in-sport privilege to:

- support queer athletes as an ally
- talk about how figure skating is for everyone
- discuss the types of expression rewarded at competition

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for @LucasWerkmeistr@twitter.com for both AC/DC and Wikidata Image Positions.

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@Harmonia_Amanda@twitter.com @WikiCommons@twitter.com @wikidata@twitter.com @orangemonkie@twitter.com Ok, the first picture is on @WikiCommons@twitter.com !

Everything will go in [[Category:WikiTea]] and there will be a wikiproject page somewhere as well (not sure which Wikimedia project is the best place to create it)

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Internet ne déçoit jamais. Je vous avoue que je n'avais pas prévu ce matin que commencerait par quelqu'un m'accusant de réaliser des deep fakes de ma cuisine.

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In case you didn't know: you can always get redirected to a working Sci-Hub URL with a tool for Wikidata called Hub (as long as the community keeps Wikidata current which they do): hub.toolforge.org/Q21980377?pr twitter.com/johl/status/141887

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(en vrai le truc le plus compliqué dans cette prise de photos de thé ( ?) c'est de regarder tous les thés et de ne pas pouvoir les boire immédiatement)

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C'est une nouvelle feature de @Wikipedia_fr@twitter.com cet ajout temporaire à la liste de suivi ? Elle va m'être utile !!

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Chez @Harmonia_Amanda@twitter.com pour prendre en photo tous ses pour @WikiCommons@twitter.com et @wikidata@twitter.com avec mon mini-studio de @orangemonkie@twitter.com (qui n'avait plus servi depuis un moment 😄)

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10 more days until submission deadline of the @wikidata@twitter.com workshop 2021 co-located with @iswc_conf@twitter.com
We are very much looking forward to reading about your scientific work around Wikidata!
More information: wikidataworkshop.github.io/202

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Ça fait + de 15 ans que les médias annoncent la nouveauté des drogues dans les campagnes. C'est dire combien la perception morale de la campagne comme territoire pure et magnifié biaise notre regard. Plutôt que d'y voir des continuités avec les (grandes ou moyennes) villes...1/12 twitter.com/LEXPRESS/status/14

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Friture sur la ligne : à la suite du ciblage de Macron par Pegasus, je lis depuis quelques jours que le président utilise deux téléphones "ultra-sécurisés", dont le Teorem de Thales. Il est permis de ricaner.


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Quels sont les prochains événements prévus sur en 2021 🤔 ? ⬇️
- Jusqu'au 31 juillet : Mois américain 🤠
- 1er au 31 août : Mois du sourçage
- 1er au 30 septembre : Wiki Loves Monuments 📷
- Automne : Wikiconcours
- Novembre : Mois asiatique 🏯

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This is the most heartbreaking part of vaccine inequality. Vietnam did its best to contain for more than a year, much better than US or EU countries did and yet those poor performers at pandemic response hoarded vaccines and variants were able to break through Vietnam defences. twitter.com/paimadhu/status/14

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