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Hey kids, I've decided to ditch this instance, and I've decided to move to @Hatebunny follow me to that place for the same old rants/nonsense.

On one hand, I have trouble conceiving of a "Best of Haddaway," but on the other, these tracks are... not bad?

Reboot or remake a movie or series that was executed poorly. Remaster and/or make a late-period sequel for good movies or series that were executed well. That is the rule.

Look, i haven’t read any academic papers about Vine, but if they exist, there should be pages of analysis about the additional humour that comes from a punchline that gets cut off by the six-second limit.

Remember when dancing required more skill and effort than just being able to gyrate your hips?

What’s the opposite of cancel culture? Like... “contracted for a full 13 episode first season” culture?

You’d think devs trying to create ethical, federated alternatives to instagram, twitter, facebook, and tumblr would have put more thought into the features they absolutely should not replicate.

Hey, Kickstarter’s trying to bust labour unions by firing organizers. Maybe rethink supporting new crowdfunding projects there.

Probably, the ideal use case would be some kind of Gattaca-esque bio-tech dictatorship where the majority of the population is sterilized or must meet qualifications to apply to procreate, anti-aging drug is administered at 35 and nobody over 40 is allowed to take it.

Y’all know if we ever figure out how to stop or slow aging, the first to use it will be the aging billionaires, and we’ll be stuck with them ruining everything forever.

spotify has zero qualms about violent genre/mood shifts in shuffle mode. Violate some privacy regulations, and read the fucking the room.

If your song is dressed up in a “yeah yeah yeah” or “wah-oh wah-oh-oh” or “nananana” - consider that it could show more skin instead.

Based on my own songwriting experience, on average, the perfect length for a song to express its key ideas musically and lyrically is 95 seconds. The rest is filler.

that feel when you get home from work, and can finally, unashamedly, sit around with a kleenex stuffed up either nostril, so that you don't have to deal with that feeling like you're going to drip into your own lap anymore.

Toot in the face of thy transgressors, babies.

Few things are as insipidly irritating as odours you did not consent to smell.

I know it’s tacky to say, but i really wish they’d had wherewithall to re/auto-tune the flat vocals on Snap’s Rhythm is a Dancer...

I realize it's a luxury to be largely free of anxiety about the future, but I believe in determinism so entirely that once it is clear that a future event is set in stone, I can say "so it goes," compartmentalize, and focus on the present.

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