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Order the replacement PC. Store cancel it and doesn't tell me. I find a comparable and cheaper refurbished unit. Turns out it's a better unit, spec-wise. Will be here, soon. But, not setting it up right away. There are things to do.

This PC will be upgraded, soon. It's more than 5 years old, at this point. Still kicking.

Recent realization encountered. The 7-year old computer is due for being graded, completely. Memory was maxxed out in the past year. But, processor performance is lacking enough to need being replaced. Cheaper just to replace the entire unit.

Done putting this together. Though, I see the right two separators should be flipped to match the one on the left so that the fans are aligned. Anyway, they are all running and the temperature is great!

In the realm of things, our new cluster case, which contains fans, arrived along with the upgraded version 1.2 units. They might sit while they wait for their new home to be ready.

Well we'll... YouTube was not and isn't slated for being the home for videos. But, many thanks to that narrow, simplistically minded and presumptuous fellow for giving me the inspiration to, at the very least, post videos to YouTube as a secondary host for my possibly upcoming series. And, yes, I would bash the user.

In my realm of , I decided to do a full reset (minus my files) to wipe away all of the unit's manufacturer garbage since it's very old now.

I may have to upgrade all of my model 3 units for v1.2 for the sake of consistency and better hardware performance. is great.

Well, the same applies for a 3B+. So, I got a newer model 3 v1.2 to replace my production model 2 for .

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