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Continued the moths-long project of "steampunkifying" an old Linksys WRT1900AC. A big update is the change of firmware to . Did that, months ago, and just brought the unit online a couple weeks back while I finish up the "steampunkifying" of the exterior.

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6 months since I began to steampunkify my old router. Painted the antanae today. It's coming together very nicely.

Finished rebuilding that video service "channel," yesterday. Good thing finally done, after days.

Dove into . After the years of not having played at all, I bought a month's amount of time. Spent a little time, tonight an logged off after 15 minutes. My head just can't take much of it anymore.

I just took down my mic boom. I don't need that for what I do. Keeping the mic, itself, handy.

Upgraded the primary PC to Linux Mint 19.3 aside W10. And, to think the thing is about 7 years old. It's awesome. The RAM is maxxed, also. It's a lot of help to the system.

Working on something special for #craftquest . But, I won't be bummed out if it doesn't happen.

#craftbian #raspberrypi #rpi #linux #server #diy #minecraft #mojang

The computer is upgrading to 19 so my app tray comes back. The dang thing just "disappeared." Rebooting didn't work, so on to the next thing for me.

I got all of my RPi units running #craftbian for #minecraft . This is cool. Working on an idea for #craftquest while I'm at it. I had to let the dev know. It's his software, anyway.

#craftbian #raspberrypi #rpi #linux #server #diy #mojang
Taking some time to build our "channel" on that online video service.
Assembling the video is done. Renders have to be done when I am not home. The computer fan goes faster and whines. It is icky.
To begin use pf the Hubzilla channel, i am startimg off with our latest project for family. It is a video from clips and pictures taken on a visit to an amusement park in Nova Scota near Annapolis Royal. The overall trip was great. Im enjpying putting this together.

Been back to some hobby and interest stuff. And, the genealogy work was completed. Very glad that is done.

Network has been up. Feels good to revive a piece of corporate hardware with different firmware.

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