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Well, began a new video series exhibiting previous worlds dating back to 2014.

Memories and feelz, eh.

Despite things needing attention today ,a lot still got done. An entire legacy video series prepped and scheduled for release and scheduled the rest of the redux series. My mind is spent.

Wow. (Deep breath) Got 3 out of 4 editions of CRAFTQuest:Craftbian - Redux, The Series completely recorded and put through Post Production. One of them is set up on YouTube as a premier for next Friday.

Things are better for those who wait.

Took a break from video production to go into the archives of the logo. I found it, used copies of the templates and revived it to make this. The files were, first made in 2011!

Had the premier of the first episode of the redux series for CRAFTQuest. Nobody attended. May need to rethink releases.

Production of the next series for @CRAFTQuest startted and the first episode is PREMIERING TOMORROW NIGHT!

CRAFTQuest: Craftbian - Redux - The Series PREMIER!

Friday, April 24 @ 7:00 P.M. Eastern!

Took a laptop from 2012 and, successfully restored it with Windows. Microsoft doesn't make it easy, but it DOES make it possible. It has Win10 on it, now. It's not the fastest, but it's fast enough, I guess. Still working on building the environment from time to time.

Restored a laptop from 2012 with Windows 10, essentially returning it to a Windows machine after 5+ years on Linux Mint. Doing so answered some issues. The amazing thing, the original product code is still good! Ha!

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