im so bad at social media. i miss this place

@Hbomberguy it's definitely nice to not be bombarded with advertising


This place is patient, and willing to wait for you to be ready.

@Hbomberguy woah harris bomber guy... you finally made it to the good social network...

@anna @Hbomberguy Harris was here earlier than most! It's him who asked me to put "toot" on the publish button

@Gargron @Hbomberguy truly #blessed

also while im here i watched the new scanline yesterday and it was a good time and i got totally jebaited by the george lucas thing the first time

it really sucks that people's desires to see the "true" version of a movie is used cynically by capitalism to sell the same thing over and over and over again. what if you could just like, make a movie, and without a profit motive there really wasn't an expectation or desire to fiddle with the same thing over and over again?

@Hbomberguy woah I can't believe I saw you here before knowing your Youtube videos, I just noticed now lmao

@Hbomberguy kinda says something about how more direct things can feel here, doesn't it?

@Hbomberguy Your last video was absolutely awesome. I became a patreon of yours because of it

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