The Chinese airline had a subtitled space jam on it. I'd forgotten how incredibly 90s this film was.

The hardest part of leaving Australia isn't being away from the cool folks I've met there, or the long flight, its trying to fit the Luigi I bought in a charity shop in my suitcase

Wish I had time in the day to do requests like this one, because the 'in-depth science' invented by folks who think they've found a link (one no doctor has ever noticed) is a sight to behold.

Oh gosh should I do it

Finally going to see Gilliam's Don Quixote after all these years. Not normally this excited sitting in a cinema. Aaa.

MY ENTIRE LIFE HAS CHANGED IN AN INSTANT (thanks for showing me this )

Sometimes I type a sentence into a script and realise I love my job

is the escapist bugged out for me or is this just the way the site has gone

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