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I don’t understand why some people have that comic sans style font for their phone

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April 15th is a accursed day in human history. Lincoln's death (1865), Sinking of Titanic (1912), Boston Bombing (2013), and now Notre Dame Fire (2019). reddit.com/r/Showerthoughts/co

Such a beautiful building destroyed... I feel really sorry for the Notre Dame

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Große Aufregung, weil Sicherheitsbehörden über Google (Maps) darauf zugreifen können, wer wann wo war, lange zurückliegend.

Hässlich, aber: jeder legale Service dieser Welt gibt alle Daten über euch an Behörden weiter, wenn die fragen: Das steht in allen AGB. Ihr akzeptiert ..

I sm interested in getting back into but I need a new goal to achieve. Maybe it is time to get into raids?

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I really enjoy finding recommendations on new great or related software on Mastodon. It's like every second day I find a new great tool to check out 😁

Just wanted to recommend Browser for .
Really great app! Easy to handle with one hand, built in ad blocker, simple adjustment of cookies and js for each website. It is available on Play Store and F-Droid. Give it a try!

really isn't a game which you should play every few days for an hour... Seems like I will have to take a break until I can rock it at one weekend

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Vor Kurzem hat #Facebook noch viele Millionen Passwörter für Mitarbeiter als Plaintext gespeichert nun kommt der nächste Fail:

Facebook bietet neuen Usern an, sich auf private Mail Inboxes zu connecten um automatisch Accounts oder Mail Adressen zu verifizieren. #DeleteFacebook

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In case anyone hasn't seen this, it's worth a watch.

Andy Yen: Think your email's private? Think again - PeerTube on Mastodon.host

#email #encryption #protonmail #usability #ux #privacy #gafam

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ It's not bad.
⭐⭐⭐⭐I dislike this.
⭐⭐⭐I hate this thing and I'm only doing this review so it stops asking me to give feedback.
⭐⭐ I hated it but it had one specific thing that I liked and here's why.
⭐ I hated this and I want you to hate it to. I want the whole world united in hate about this thing. This was the worst thing I've ever experienced, and I have had some seriously bad experiences in life you know? I got kicked out of the house by my parents, twice, and this thing is the worst.

A class of school kids rowing up at the train station so that the teacher can count them... INSIDE THE SMOKING AREA 🤦‍♂️

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Which keyboard on has great functionality and is a good choice concerning and maybe ? Currently using Anysoft but not so happy about the auto correct there. I really loved switftkey in that regard but I don't trust it, even without an account...

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March 31st is World Backup Day!

Don't forget to backup your data.

Is Ecosia a viable search engine concerning privacy? I really love the idea behind it but I'm not sure if it's a good option.

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