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I have yet to see any “professionals” on here who treat the site like LinkedIn, so that’s a plus

This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a toot

Thanks to the McElroy brothers, I now say things like:
- Hachi machi
- Oofa doofa
- Hog-wild

Mastodon is a prototype of society under luxury space communism

Sean Kingston’s “Fire Burning” is the greatest piece of the modern era

At first I thought The Meg looked bad but now I think it looks good. Still refuse to see it though

Political take 

Hoping the Mueller investigation results come out before the midterms I guess, but boy does it sure seem like nothing will come of it besides liberals being entertained

Learning Japanese by language immersion in Federated

Thinking about becoming one of those people who assumes that anyone who disagrees with me online is a Russian bot

Oh yeah, you're a Mastodon fan? Name three of their instances

Amazing that My Hero Academia can simultaneously contain such great characters as Froppy, along with such manifest trash as Mineta

I'm glad Nintendo owns again with Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey being masterpieces. The Wii U days were dark days indeed

Political post 

Still so heartening how much Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has moved The Discourse to the left. So inspiring

This site is just concentrated positivity and I am absolutely going to rely on it to stay afloat this semester

Ex-mormon post (-) 

Apparently Mormons don't want you to call them Mormons any more so make sure to call them that until they stop hating LGBTQ+ people

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fuck a cultivated aesthetic i'm throwin out faves and boosts indiscriminately.

a picture of your favorite rocking chair? fukn boosted.

a toot that's literally just the hammer and sickle emoji? hard fave

"i'm have die a rheea :((((" you best believe i'm boostin that shit

My bird site timeline has been very slow today, I guess toot site is doing a number on it

I recommend listening to zone-out music while browsing Local/Federated

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