Jim Acosta: As a child, my father escaped communist Cuba right before the Cuban Missile Crisis. When I traveled to Cuba for CNN, I pressed Raul Castro on his human rights record. Part of our job is asking tough questions of political leaders, something they don't allow in communist countries

Will the last intelligent person in America please turn off the lights.
#RIPAmerica died of stupidity.

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The My Pillow guy Mike Lindell says this: "God gave us grace on November 8, 2016, to change the course we were on. God had been taken out of our schools & lives, a nation had turned its back on God. I encourage you to use this time at home to get back in the word. Read our Bible"

(Politico) swings and misses with a Valentines Day article on "Donald Trump’s timeless wisdom on love"

Donald Trump’s "timeless wisdom on love" has resulted in over 25 reports of sexual misconduct against him

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How Politico became a GOP stooge: Republicans want to destroy Hillary Clinton—and the media is helping them out

News just keeps getting worse.

Gannett newspaper chain to furlough journalists

Gannett announced Monday it is cutting pay and furloughing journalists at its newspapers across the country as ad revenue plunges during the coronavirus pandemic.


Cenk Uygur Took $4-Million from a Conservative Source (But He's Still A Better Liberal Than You)

The Revolution Has Been Monetized: How Cenk Uygur Built His Media Empire With Cash From The One Percent

Progressive Heroes And Toxic Masculinity: How Bro-Culture On The Left Came Back To Haunt Cenk Uygur

{Pray The Trumpvirus Away}

The Mystical City Of God:
Life Of The Virgin Mother Of God, Manifested To Sister Mary Of Jesus Of Agreda

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Trump Reportedly Moves To Take Reservation Away From Popular Tribe To Prevent Competition With Casinos He’s Linked To In Rhode Island politicaltribune.org/trump-rep via @dc_tribune@twitter.com

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As this crisis goes on made worse by *45, do not forget the role Republicans have played.

They didn't stop Trump from turning our electoral process into a three-ring circus.

They didn't stop him from trashing the truth, the press, gold star families, immigrants, the disabled, women, our intelligence agencies, the rule of law, or our democracy, itself.

They almost unanimously chose to ignore their oaths of office at impeachment.

Vote them out at every level. #HeroesResist @HeroesResist

Making sure that testing is widely available and free and that medical workers have the proper equipment and protective gear is essential.

Trump is failing on both.


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Why does Trump spew his bullshit to spew around 5pm daily?
To preempt & suppress all local news
When local news can't report the number of newly diagnosed, deaths & the horrendous effects on their local economies?

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As always @BorowitzReport@twitter.com nails the truth
warns Trump that if everyone dies if will affect his TV ratings
It may be the only way this SOCIOPATH will do the right thing

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"Macy’s is furloughing most of its 125,000 employees amid prolonged coronavirus shutdown" - where is all that wonderful winning we are suppose to be getting


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