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I tried to make myself in Tafi for VRchat, but there were no good horn options.

We ended up not going to see it since no-one was really in the mood, we just got food and came home }:-)

We're gonna go see the joker film, I'll let you know how bad it is.

Good morning I have a head full of red hair dye, how are you?

I knocked a glass of strawberry lemonade onto some sockets and the socket breaker blew.

We weent to a cider house and I had mango cider and it was good!

I am the tipsy Tief and roommate is making late night pizza }:-D

Watching youtube compilations has taught me that every major cartoon series from the 80s was incredibly gay.

First go at Iko's walking sprite , I need to redo it because I forgot to have her smiling, but I like the little skip.

See, ever since I learned what maths was, I've always been innately extremely good at it, if I played a numbers game I could do it easily, but maths is just the tool you have to use to play the game, I don't see winning at a game of maths as a fun way to play.

I look at it and think "Oooooh, i can basically be Nightcrawler! If I can see, even through a tiny hole or a window, I can teleport through! I can escape if things go wrong!"

The ability lets you teleport 10ft x lvl by spending one Arcanist resevoir point.
Most people I've played with would look at it and think "Great, I can move further, avoid AoOs and increase my action economy".

I've been thinking, a good way to tell my playstyle in apart from a lot of people I've played with is how we look at an ability like Dimensional Slide.

Test frame!
This is what I'm looking at for a single frame of Iko's flying kick animation, each animation (walk/punch/kick/etc) should be 5/6 frames with variable timing.

Watching another artist who's work honestly doesn't seem any better than mine go from 7,000 to 20,000 followers in a month, I should just feel happy for them, but having been doing this here for years now and never even reached 300 followers does get me down }:-/

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