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Presenting Hespera's Guide to Avoiding online Nastiness;
Step 1: Be a tiny freak most people won't want to follow
Step 2: Get weirdly sidelined by the twitter algorithm so hardly anyone sees you in the first place
Step 3: Accept that you'll never achieve any sort of popularity

I have another character in the works, but I can't settle on her skin colour for some reason.

I've decided since I can't do these normally. I'm gonna do them in reverse from now on.

By this logic I was born on September the 18th.
Tag urself I'm Fire bug

Absolutely triggered

Is it just me or does Hermann Rorschach (inventor of the Rorschach inkblot test) look like a more attractive version of Brad Pitt?

Happy birthday to my twitter mum! I hope you get time away from doctoring to have fun

This tastes pretty much like eating raw cocoa powder, which makes sense I guess.

Oh yeah it's pride month next month.
So uhhh, get ready for even more rainbow Iko pictures I guess.

Should I crop this selfie down to use as a new icon?

I know everyone I've seen do that one acts surprised people are intimidated by them, but I am tiny and nervous and awkward and scared, I couldn't intimidate a rabbit }:-P

I like joining in with the meme things from the art and RPG communities, but there are some that just make so sense for me.
Like the "how intimidating am I?" one, as if I might be intimidating to anyone. piece of art without getting distracted by another....

An old thread, and still true }:-/
There's a lot of times I've told myself that pain can be a source of power, and I know there'll be more times when I will again.

4 years and nothing about this has changed }:-P
Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to drink juice, eat chocolate cereal from the box and watch comic movies LIKE A GROWNUP.

What website do you visit the most? — I keep most of my common sites open in tabs all the time, but I guess I look at Twitter more than any other.

Huff, more problems with the 3d printer.
I have all the parts now, but one of them was delivered with the fittings in upside down, I'm gonna have to improvise something.

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