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With the exception of pure sci-fi stuff like hyperdrive, the technology is mostly within 100 years of what we already have, were they all sat on their hands for thousands of years? Is it supposed to be stagnant? Were they originally flying around in stone space ships?

Something that's always bugged me about universes like Star Wars, the central races in the canon have had the technology for ftl travel for something like 10,000 years, and there was a peaceful republic for at least half that time.
Soooo...why is there tech so shoddy?

Me: "Tieflings come in all colours, a rainbow species."
Iko: *looks mostly human but wears rainbow colours at all times*
Hmm HMM what could this mean.........

I can't believe they're finally doing so many of the things I've been asking for for years because I love their designs and stuff but can't stand LoL itself.

Good morning!
I had to get up in the actual morning to go do a thing....

I tried to make myself in Tafi for VRchat, but there were no good horn options.

We ended up not going to see it since no-one was really in the mood, we just got food and came home }:-)

We're gonna go see the joker film, I'll let you know how bad it is.

Good morning I have a head full of red hair dye, how are you?

I knocked a glass of strawberry lemonade onto some sockets and the socket breaker blew.

We weent to a cider house and I had mango cider and it was good!

I am the tipsy Tief and roommate is making late night pizza }:-D

Watching youtube compilations has taught me that every major cartoon series from the 80s was incredibly gay.

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