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Me 9 days ago: Oh, this FGO event needs points AND drops grinding, I better get on that.

Me now, having forgotten almost every day: I need to get 300,000 points and 600 drops in 3 days this is fine

I've been reading a webcomic called Those Who Sleep, but my brain keeps translating the title to Those Who Sheep, which sounds like the @Sonya_Justason version.

Oooooh there's a 3d modelling program designed for VR that would be perfect, I'm gonna have to save up for it.

This is looking tantalisingly feasible, I've found a guide on importing models, I just have to get them into the right format.

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If I can find some way to view my own character models into a VR environment as well.....

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Finally messing around in VR again because we got a replacement cable for the Rift s, being able to summon my desktop monitors into virtual space and change their size and position at will is very cool, I need to look up how to call up the virtual keyboard.

Brea closeup!
I did go with the big and simple horns for her....this time.

Portrait picture to follow soon, it's rendering now.

Here comes a new character!
Say hello to Brea, another of the Part-timers and the team's universal sparring partner.

New character is complete!
Picture to come when I've had dinner.

Probably the first positive thing I'll be able to do physically is not my ears but the tattoos I've wanted forever.
I need to first commission a 2d artist to draw these out as proper tattoo designs I can add to my model, then later I can get them actually tattooed.

I am looking at Quetzalcoatl's Santa/Ruler form stage 4 art on the wiki πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
They really owned up to her having killer abs and I am unbelievably here for it.
Gonna reply to this tweet with the picture from my AD.

New character's shaping is all done, time for a little break before I do skin textures, I might not finish tonight after all.

I really wanna get my 14 ear piercings in brickspace, but first I'd have to get my ears pointed so they line up right.

Face Sculpting;
*make tiny adjustment*
*make slightly different adjustment*
*Adjust in the opposite direction*
*continue for 3 days*

Wow, I didn't realise 5e nerfed the bag of holding so hard, another reason to not be that into it!

I mean, by the time we can afford to upgrade to them there'll probably be another 2 generations out that are even faster, but still.

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Tech youtuber: "With these new graphics cards, no-one will be running dual GPUs any more!"

Me: *stares silently in 3d renderer* ".....nope, I'll still be wanting 2 of those."

New character tomorrow maybe, still some face and texture work to do, but getting there!

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