Who wants to come up with a magic item description for this?
Visst skulle det vara praktiskt att ha hela universum i din hand? Det är möjligt med denna tyska 1500-talsring som går att fälla ut till en astronomisk sfär! När du är klar med dina planetstudier fäller du bara ihop den igen.

@HesperaSmith I don't know but I do know that's freakin awesome.

@HesperaSmith the Ring of Guarida was created by the halfling wizard Maesira Qilienne, as a gift to those that fought The Last War.

The ring offers +1 protection when worn. As an action, it can be converted into a small ball.

In its ball shape, it will orbit the owner's head, providing the effects of a Protection From Evil and Good spell.

The owner can also throw the ball at an opponent once per long rest, like a Magic Stone spell. After throwing it, the ring returns to the owner.

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