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FUN FACT: Uber lost about $5B last year. If fares were set high enough to just break even they would cost more than a traditional taxi. Every rideshare you take is subsidized by the finance industry in a ploy to profit off the destruction of unionized companies and public transit

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the fucked up thing about programming is that nobody ever says "it's cool the way you use a for loop there! i like the way you named those variables, those are good names" the only say "why did you do it like that, thats the way a baby would program. youre a baby. and not even one of the babies who can program"

Happy New Year's everyone. Falling asleep now. At least until the neighbors and their fireworks wake me up again.

Moving starts in earnest tomorrow morning.

@Annalee I'm doing everything I can to be packed to move by the first, while also working this week. One end of the city to the other.

It's not the kind of project I want to be doing, but it is the project I have.

Spider-Verse, with the Hyphen, not limited to males or even human.

RT @DialMforMara: Is the plural of :
1. Spidermen
2. Spidermans
3. Spidersman
4. Spidersmen
5. Spidersm’n

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Microsoft support just fixed my Forza Horizon 3 game using Candy Crush Saga.

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Hashtags are the *only* way to find people who're into the same stuff as you without having to ask folks for help. So:

1) Add hashtags to your positive public posts, and

2) When you post a hashtag, click it and boost something positive from that hashtag.

It helps get positive and interesting posts further out into the fediverse, and lets newbies find and follow people who share their interests. :)

(I saw this idea somewhere and I liked it, but I can't remember who it was!)


Happy Science Holidays - Happy Science Holidays imgur.com/gallery/ttAUC

I never thought I'd see the day.

The Washington Post: Former South Carolina police officer who shot Walter Scott sentenced to 20 years - Former South Carolina police officer who shot Walter Scott sentenced to 20 years

Republican tells me today that taxes will go up because Democrats are mad about Trump.

I pointed out that Republicans can pass whatever they want, and are trying to raise taxes NOW.

R: Sure, they're doing it now on their own terms before the Democrats do it anyway in 2 years.


RT @washingtonpostbot: Russia names Radio Free Europe and Voice of America "foreign agents" t.co/5cDSXBwqrZ


RT @washingtonpostbot: Russia names Radio Free Europe and Voice of America "foreign agents" t.co/5cDSXBwqrZ

I'm sure he believes that, too.

RT @washingtonpost: Trump: Democrats will lose seats for voting against the Senate tax bill t.co/xJiogz7rJz

Watching the Republicans of Congress do the things Republicans have long accused the Democrats of wanting to do, I'm so confused.

The deep state they warned about? I'm starting to suspect it is them.

Yes. The answer to this is always yes.

RT @washingtonpostbot: Wedding cakes can be stunning creations. But do they qualify as art? t.co/XetXIxvgA8

People are dumb. Not all, but ...

RT @washingtonpostbot: Two American Instagram stars bared their buttocks at a Thai temple. Now they’re under arrest. t.co/tuc0BeE62Z

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The 2017 Mastodon Mini-Census is here!
It's only 10 questions, so it's nice and short :]

Please boost this so we can get as many responses as possible


The charges were meant to have a chilling effect on doing something legal.
So who gets charged for filing false charges?

RT @washingtonpostbot: Charges dropped against mom who sent daughter to school with recorder to catch bullies t.co/cH13QRJ3fF

Who dares disturb the great and powerful Oz?