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By way of , I use Mastodon wrong. I use Twitter wrong in the same way. I'm usually a half day behind, but I try to read everything I subscribe to. That also means I'm not necessarily interacting in real time. I lurk, like and boost many hours later.

But me, I manage some software dev people for a fin data firm. I play music and try to build things for hobby time. I read comic books and novels. Interested in art, technology, writers and voice actors.

Guy at table next to me... Been to Beijing on vacation once, is self proclaimed expert on Chinese way of life. Also, making things up to sound more authoritative.

I read this, and I can't help but think that Oracle is choosing to kill Java. [technical] Show more

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I really like the idea that eventually folks will join the fediverse not only because it aligns with their values/principles, but also because it just makes good sense in terms of reaching their audience.

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American chopper meme Show more

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Meanwhile, I made a Mastodon=Forcetodon/accelerationtodon joke like 3 months ago and got NO LOVE

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Here's the thing. If some of the people you encountered today were decoy people-- the equivalent of an anglerfish's lure-- you wouldn't know.

You wouldn't know because if you had triggered those lure-people, you'd be gone. And if you could recognize them for what they were, the species that uses those unsuccessful lures would have died out.

They watched you go by and you never noticed.

Keep looking at your phone.

Twin XEON processors, six cores each, 2.40GHz, 12MB Cache (l3). From my HP Proliant G7 server. E5645 / SLBWZ. Maybe you need one or both? I don't want to deal with the eBay public.

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I've heard of these, but never seen one in real life.

Bitcoin ATM

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I just backed Bronx Book Festival - The Bronx is Reading on @Kickstarter kck.st/2GcesTm

RLT: interesting thing about the Chinese language is it forces you to understand and imply impotence from context.

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Four times the size of the first hard drive I ever owned. [Geeky/Tech] Show more

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curl creator gets emails from confused car users because apparently some cars use curl daniel.haxx.se/blog/2018/02/16

How do you participate in or avoid the gig economy and why?

My confused take:

There seems to be lots of studies on the gig economy from the perspective of the customer, but I'm seeing much less about the worker perspective (stories about Uber, specifically, aside).

My gut tells me that the gig economy is a recipe for continued and growing income inequality. I don't like it, and have refused to participate. Then again, I refuse to use self check out registers at stores. Maybe similar with gig work, unemployment is the worse option.

I don't want to make things worse.