How I learned to do the stuff I do
❌ School
❌ Uni
✅ Screwing around on my computer

Information security training at work. Don't click on links in e-mails and be suspicious of requests with urgency ... funny that, since this course-ware came to me with a request to click a link and start this training NOW.

Information security training at work. Showing me an e-mail message, asking me to click on suspicious things. The parts of the header that are wrong aren't clickable and I'm going insane!

Information security training at work. Trying to tell me that a sticky note with a phone number can't be a security threat. Seems spurious at best.

If I've unfollowed you, I've started following you from a different account. Separating, maybe consolidating later.

Once I found out that my ability to say, "I don't know," is viewed by other people as a type of super power, I stopped being embarrassed by it, and I've fully embraced it.

Y'all can stop panicking. I ate at IHOP this morning. I can attest that their signage has not changed. I ate pancakes, like I'd expect to.

While there is a difference between mistreating a girlfriend, and mistreating an employee. I point out the part where said girlfriend became an employee. If a line will need to be drawn around metoo, THIS is NOT that line.

I just have to say this... Cameras are needed on NYC subway cars. The buses have them.

Solo mild spoiler 

How many years of lost pet notices does this pole represent?

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