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Iridium satellite device is a little bit expensive, maybe I should find some used devices?

I want to say something, but don't know what to say.

Can youtube stop recommending rasp pi cluster related video to me?

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@bgme 人家的Gold版是有很明确的意义的:付钱支持开发者。但Clash的Premium版呢?阉割功能,就是不想开源。
而且可笑的是Premium版推出1个多月了,至今我都没看到有什么人批判,好像闭源应该是开源软件理所当然的归宿一样。翻一下issues,最近一条提出质疑的还是 github.com/Dreamacro/clash/iss ,下面讨论的还有好几个用的是英文。不得不感叹墙国人普遍离推倒内心的墙还有很远一段距离,对这种问题的丝毫不在意就是一方面。

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experience is badly sampled statistics, but when the official statistics is not trusted people can only draw from experience

The fastest way to get a Japanese amateur radio license is to get a FCC license...

CCP controlled newspaper People's Daily release an article that support Mr. Daniel Han(mayor of Kaohsiung), this is really weird.

This picture was taken by a Pixel 2, I really impressed by this.

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Seems like XiaoMi ordered some custom-made ICs, this should be a QFN32 LCD controller🤔

Nowadays, everyone knows how to deal with tear gas grande.

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