Costs from Police Scotland for policing Glasgow marches.

(a) The AUOB march (11/1/20). £57,124.00

(b) The Boyne parade (6/7/19). £125,852.96

(c) The Cairde Na Heireann and (IRPWA) parades (7/9/19). £176,439.00


Labour linked to loyalists: “...the troll repeatedly posted details held by Labour councillors before it had been made public elsewhere - raising suspicions the SNP’s rivals have been passing info to the account.
The suspected leaks appear to be linked to ongoing tensions between the city’s Nats council bosses and pro-union or loyalist groups in the city.”

From Peter Bell: “It didn’t take a survey to know that it was nonsense to assume that ‘UDI’ would alienate large numbers of voters. All it took was some understanding of human nature. To anybody with a modicum of such understanding, bold, assertive action is obviously just the thing to catch the public’s imagination – and the mood of the nation.”

Joanna Cherry fast becoming the de facto leader of the independence movement within the SNP.


I am delighted to announce my new PeerTube channel for Yes & Scottish independence related video content.

Please feel free to suggest any content for the channel. Videos must be related to the cause of Scottish independence, and have a suitable free licence. When making suggestions please provide the URL for the existing video, and which licence the content is under.

#Scotland #independence #Yes

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@Ken_McNaughton These poll numbers suggest there’s a window of opportunity. Hard to believe there’s not more urgency about arranging a Scottish-run referendum.

Cummings to Johnson

DC "I have a cunning plan"
BJ "I'm listening"
DC "We do feasibility studies and scoping works for a bridge between Northern Ireland and Scotland"
BJ " But that's a stupid plan"
DC "Ah, but we get our friends in the city of London to carry out these studies"
BJ "OK I'm listening again"
DC "Our friends then bill the government for £100m+"
BJ "What's so cunning about that?"
DC "We take the £100m+ from the Scottish block Grant
BJ "Brilliant, well done Dom"

@Ken_McNaughton *Some* or someone in the SNP has decided. I fear Nicola’s temerity will be her downfall. Real independence leaders are emerging. Unless she’s got a rabbit in her hat she may be gone within a year.

@arthurstramash I agree. Seems to me they're hoping that independence will just sort of happen by sneaking up on us while nobody is looking. I guess that would save anyone in the current ''leadership'' having to actually do some leading.
In Catalonia politicians go to jail for campaigning for independence. I just can't imagine any of ''our lot'' doing that.

Hard to disagree with Peter Bell: “The de facto leader of the independence movement in whom we invested so much trust has driven that campaign into a narrow cul-de-sac where she can neither turn around nor proceed. And her speech of Friday made it clear that she is disinclined to reverse...”

1/4 The British Online Archives has a collection of documents, pamphlets and other vintage archive material on Scottish Independence. This is from the ‘60s.

Leading Swedish broadsheet @SvD uses today’s front page and two inside pages to highlight the current constitutional crisis between England and Scotland – our Nordic neighbour treats the crisis more seriously than the UK’s London-centric press. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇸🇪

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