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I've migrated over to . At least, I think I have? I have no idea how this all works.

I've migrated over to . At least, I think I have? I have no idea how this all works.


It's so satisfying when stuff comes together and works. This lil' featch stretched the hell out of me, and at one point I thought it was falling apart before my eyes, but then I went and took a shower, and as I was drying off, something totally clicked in my head, and I tried it and it worked, and it made me giddy as hell. Phew! I can't believe it actually works, and I flipping did it! I did it i did it i did it!!!


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I'm doing some really cool exciting stuff at work right now. I absolutely love it. But when I feel this way, it does remind me that I'm almost always in for a kind of grandiosity come-down. Nothing ever really fills the hole, you know?
I found this video essay on youtube (about SpiderMan 3, of all things!) to be really enlightening in that respect.

I posted a vid to this because it wouldn't go out to as many people. But it didn't upload. Kinda glad. I look mushy in it.

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I'm trying to use Olympic rings as my latest get fit fad, and I thought that they were making me swole but instead I am just still a heap of a mess. I guess it doesn't happen overnight. I still find them the single best exercise tool for general stability. They don't isolate any muscle. They are unstable and this excellent at targetting your weakest muscle at that moment. I'm certainly feeling muscles where I never had them. Want to get a high ceiling apartment - Hard to find places to hang.

I told people I hardly know how to beat shy bladder (you imagine urinating on the head of the person next to you*).

And now I'm supposed to just go to sleep in readiness for a flight to america! America! Land of the free-ish! Gor blimey guvnor how am I supposed to sleep after this, eh? EH?

*It absolutely works.


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