Well, will be posting there more often than here, so anyone who's interested find me over at @Nasha

Coming soon: my own fediverse instance where I might actually end up posting a lot more maybe

oh huh, one of the last things (and the most popular..) that I did on here was the fried chicken pictures.. that was a good time

Oh hey I finally remembered my login.. and here I am to say I'm gonna spin up my own instance soon, mutuals will be welcome an invite

Well bird site has done a wonderful job of making their site and mobile apps even worse so I guess I finally need to just stay over here

I need more content in life to toot here... :(

Need to find an "easy" local privilege escalation vulnerability in Server 2012 R2 that can be run via a remote session (no physical access) for a PoC demo..

Machine won't be up to date (to prove importance of updates) or have sufficient AV, or any SIEM-like solution.

I'm not convinced they won't just call it rigged though..

so nier is an absolutely great game and meanwhile I'm really unenthused to play persona 5 for various reasons...

Am I allowed to be sceptical of a tech companies product offering when their website loads a mobile layout that doesn't fit, and disables pan and zoom?

cause if that's the quality of your website I'm not sure i want your product...

so seems doesn't have working push notifications, despite the setting being there :(

Any online service that offers 2FA as a billable add-on should burn in a fire

I really really wish people who have been shopping weren't allowed to use commuter trains

this weekend and the work days surrounding it have been so interesting..

help save me i keep having to check the bird site

"why did you want such big taters" is not something to be heard out of context

Oh that's why people were replying to me, tusky had ignored my default and switched back to public toots rather than public unlisted..

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