Jeff Bezos has decided he will not end world hunger today.

This is one of my favorite country/Hillbilly songs of all times. There’s some big black clouds blowin‘ in from the west … I want back on road again … you weirdos.

Loriot sagte: „In Krisenzeiten suchen Intelligente nach Lösungen, Idioten suchen nach Schuldigen.“

This is for all those who fight for freedom. Never give up!..An may the outlaws rise again

Don’t tell me lies, I’m not a dog. I have seen the Devil laugh, I have seen God turn his face away…

Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen. -Friedrich Nietzsche

Since I am still condemned to a forced break … I look around in the new Internet. Nice there: without Google and Microsoft and not a rotten Apple … nice! People are nice too. People who do something and don’t just scream and insult others.

For that I got my very first Smartphone yesterday. A Pinephone .It runs 100% with Linux – that’s wonderful. It does everything I say and not vice versa! And the most important thing: People created it – not companies. Hooray for the community!

Wenn ihr euch wirklich für das Thema interessiert … was jeder sollte. dann lest doch Mbembe.

he music scene is dying

The music scene as it once was will die. No musician can continue in this uncertainty. We just have to find new professions. And to be honest: the last few weeks have made me realize how reactionary and selfish most people are. And before I waste my time for people who would be better off in the Junge Union … I think it is time to open a new chapter.

Hans Christian Andersen ‎– Des Kaisers Neue Kleider
Label: LITERA ‎– 8 65 397

I don’t want no trouble with no one … but if you don’t agree with my aggressive behavior. Its okay I don’t give a damn.

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