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Friends took me from Graz (Austria) to Athens. They said they have a tiny bit of space left in the van. And they did.
We were three in the front + a small dog.

Police kicking me out of service station 

First timer:
A bit naive to look for rides next to a car at a service station. But I thought it wouldn't be a big deal. I forgot that it is officially illegal on service stations (only in ).
Anyway, they acted like proper assholes and forced me to leave. They kept eyeing me, suspecting I would try to reenter. It was either climbing the gate or cycling (9km) to the highway entrance. You can guess what I did after they left.

Ah I love when this happens, because usually it's the other way round: I am convinced that I won't fit (with the bike and the bags). And people proving me wrong! This time with a lovely (punky) family.

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Hitchhiking fail:
I put my phone to charge at a gas station. I found some people to take me and of course left the phone behind. (I was planning to not do that.)
Anyway they were really nice and offered to go back to get it.
Then we had a nice talk about utopian views on society. We didn't share the same paths (to usually) similar goals. He talked about (problems with) in . Definitely made me curious to learn more about that. Any suggestions?

Two first-timers today hitchbiking back to Athens from a bike trip on the Peleponnes:

1. I put (heaved) the folding bike in the cabin of a truck. (A bit of an effort, but with the help of the driver it works fine.)

2. I got a lift with a driving school car. I had to pay attention to not stretch my legs and accidentally accelerate or brake.

I try to keep this account more hitchbiking related. Not necessarily only about hitchbiking/hitchhiking - but whatever I feel that fits to get a better understanding of this partucular way of getting from A to B.

For other content I toot here: @Arnaki .

I originally wanted to do a tour through France and Italy before arriving in Greece. I also wanted to visit la ZAD. From what I heard and saw it seems to be a beautiful place of solidarity and a showcase for an alternative economy. Now it is being demolished and evicted by 2500 policemen. To build yet another gigantic airport. They are calling for solidarity:

And this is a well made youtube video describing the ZAD (two months ago):

I filtered couchsurfing for the word "anarch..." - didn't expect to find the exact opposite of what I was looking for. At least he is honest about his inappropriate intentions.

I hitched to Athens for 15€ 

Yesterday I hitched from Thessaloniki to Athens. Greece is really not the best country for hitchhiking. But it works. Didn't manage to stop a car though. (I tried for a while.) Only talking to people worked this time.
My second driver insisted on giving me 15€. Wasn't the first time someone offered me money. Usually I manage to refuse. This time I took it.

Have you ever been offered money while hitchhiking?

In Greece they are collecting not finished medical products and they give them to a "social hospital" to give them to people for free. (I think you need one of these "I am poor"-IDs which I dislike a bit.) My hosts parents here in Serres are pharmacists and asked me to help check the expiration dates (they only take unexpired).
So my question is do we have something similar in Germany? (or in other countries?) If not seems like a good thing to start with?


I spent the last few month in Germany. Spending time with friends, hitchhiking here and there. Sometimes also without the bike. (It's nicer to bring it. Even if it is really cold.) I wanted to wait for the winter to pass to then travel south again.
My plan is to tour around Greece over the next weeks to practice Greek.
I am in Sofia (Bulgaria) now. (A friend went by car and gave me a lift.) And it is snowing.

Two days ago I asked a guy where he was heading and whether he wants to give me a lift. He replied "Get a job. Like a proper German." In quite an aggressive tone.

I am happy this is not the norm. It was the first time in three years of hitchiking that I received such a condescending reply. (People do occasionally ignore me and treat me as air, which is also not nice.)

Somebody mentioned to me that they first misread 'hitchbiking' and read 'bitchhiking'.

Hope that hasn't happened to too many other people. Sounds incredibly sexist.

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