For reference, I hated everything Gluten free before today

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I picked up an amazing vegan and gluten free dark chocolate from my supermarket and I am suddenly into gluten-free food now

Uhh introductions?
Moderately funny, indecisive, and change moods between Mumblecore Indie and Loud 1990s Bollywood. I have too many interests to keep a tab on and am currently pursuing one of them. I like to write, read, eat, quiz, cry, not get out of bed, stay awake 3 nights in a row. In no particular order.

Mastodon is pretty clear about deplatforming Nazis. You can't even get Twitter to admit there are Nazis.

I don't understand. one of the reasons people moved to this platform was to avoid state surveillance but at the same time they are clamoring for state leaders to join the rahul gandhi whose party put the entire state surveillance apparatus in place initially and used it to hound dissenters and non-state agents. BJP has just strengthened the apparatus, it was weaponized long ago by congress

How essential are the rules if the person in question has had no relationship as to speak of with his father?
The choice of person seems rather picky.

Can I toot any randoms stuff that comes to my mind here? Will I get to vent my personal anguish here? What's the deal?

What are instances man I feel like a Black Mirror episode

Preity Zinta's husband looks like Brett Lee and y'all know what I mean by that.

There is a romance in Jake Johnson - Joe Swanberg work that's unmatched

Welcome to our new members from India! Be sure to post an #introduction and possibly use the hashtag #india so you can find each other!

HOW are there verified accounts on Mastodon already

On the verge of completing one day at Mastodon. It seems that we are on a turning point in social media history.
As social media giants have been increasingly forming a nexus with big corporations, it was only natural that states across the world would also use their coercive power to "tame" such spaces. (1/n)


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