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Here is a map of all the fires burning in Australia.
Here also is a map of Australia overlaid on Europe.

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@Foxyloxy ok thanks. His twitter account is locked so can’t see anything.

@tekhelet looks like it's deleted. His tweet was about that map - it's a satellite generated image of 'hot spots' which does include fires, but also includes all kinds of other things - eg cars heated up by being parked in the sun, etc.

@tekhelet this is more like it. It looks much less dramatic but remember the scale of this continent. mastodon.social/@ingram/103429 The area burnt so far is comparable to Ireland or Belgium. It's not possible to simply extinguish these fires, they will burn for months and depending on the wind and weather will impact homes and towns for a long time yet.

@Foxyloxy wow! Are people in the city areas suffering too? Thanks for that chap’s mastodon. I have followed him now.

@tekhelet there has been a lot of smoke haze over Sydney the past few weeks. Also Canberra and Melbourne to a lesser extent. So the direct impact in major cities has mostly been to do with respiratory health rather than danger of actual fire. The smoke plumes have reached New Zealand.

@Foxyloxy ok thanks for this map. Will use it to see what’s happening in Oz

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