So... this whole "identity being tied to server instance" thing is not just a theoretical problem. It's a very, very, practical problem.


we'll all look back at all of your tattoos and laugh at them

@isis the future is an endless ring of dead accounts, each pointing to the next like a grave marker; "HERE LIES VICTORIA'S FIRST MASTODON ACCOUNT, WALK THREE NODES LEFT FOR THE NEXT" someone scrawled on a boulder, which itself once was the cornerstone of a grand shitposting empire, capable of transcending the medium itself, breaking far past the limit of a mere 140 characters and accelerating itself into our hearts

"Grandoriginator Holic Shot? Tell us about Mastodon again plz."

Heh heh, well alright ya young AIs. It was 2017, and Twitter was on fire. Hatred and sadness run rampant through the accounts. Mastodon was a new, shiny place with such promise! And your Holic Shot was among the fist 29 thousand accounts! And then I made 20 more for all the instances I entered into. It was confusing as fuck & I was very scared I was gunna lose people I liked hanging out with.

day zero ugly bit for my taste, for the flagship site: its discourse nanny policy
Likely to move into some tiny personal corner of the federation.
Fortunately 1st-Am-view territories can coexist with Liberté-view territories, in such a federation, but expecting high walls …

Soon enough we'll all be following about 10 accounts for each person. !0 Holic Shots.

"That jerk! She's only following 7 of my 15 accounts! What gives!?"

@HolicShot "there is a new emerging cultural norm on certain social media sites, wherein users are actively sharing what could be called substandard content"

Who can I interest in some Szechuan Mulan Mcnugget sauce? This fine product has been aged for nearly 20 years in it's original plastic tub.

So if someone makes an account on another instance, there's a high chance that I might just miss them posting about it if I'm offline or looking away at something else, so it could be that they just stop posting and I won't notice and that connection could be lost.

I wonder if the "circles" from friggin' Google Plus had the right idea.

How many times can I spin in my broken chair while this query runs? That's the real question of our age

MSM can't say "shitposting" even tho it's an integral part of today's cultural lingo.

"Twitter is in trouble as many thousands of users are migrating to an alternative social media site, Mastodon, where new sign-ups have promptly begun to...shitpost."

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