GlobalRevLive on Twitter just got suspended for no reason

Q: "What level of 1970s paranoia thrillers are you on right now?"
A: "the black helicopters are nodding at each other"

At the meetup Benji is sharing pandoc and reveal.js presentation tools

minneapolis transit police violence 

in Minneapolis a metro transit officer, i think tazed someone after demanding their ID . disturbing video

Fash encounter today (pic) 

In Boston At very close quarters with mark Sahady the right wing leader of the "free speech" rally who got the cops to remove me because I was asking questions about his helicopter memes. Video later

@HaughtByNatureBranden fyi you got to include a second @ if they're on a different server .. it will autocomplete for everyone you already follow . like an email address

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Cambridge MA news: developers are kicking all the artists remaining in Central area out, they are losing the studio spaces. how sad

cheeto + urban design puzzles 

i can't even.
by the way does anyone play ? it sounds like that's how the president thinks as well


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