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*watching dune. when literally anything happens i turn to my date and whisper*
me: that's the star war

two jocks going 'this really crinkles my pussy bro', 'yea man it spasms my clit dude'

50 ULTIMATE ASS HACKS II Endless tips and tricks to USE on your ASS that YOU'RE too CHICKEN to TRY

my favorite documentary about australia is the rescuers down under

if listening to synthwave 24/7 is wrong then i wanna be as wrong as humanly possible

JAPANESE MASTODON: Well-adjusted, polite people talking about stuff like video game strats and food

FRENCH/GERMAN MASTODON: Educated, politically oriented people talking about national politics and sharing news articles

SPANISH MASTODON: literal pictures of Shrek's hog

ENGLISH MASTODON: c h ο½… ο½… b s b ο½… b o ο½’ b g ο½… ο½’

carly rae jepson is 20 times the hero john mccain could ever be even if he undid all his war crimes boost if you agree

my main account was down yesterday, got used to using my backup social account and now the original is back. which one do i use???

went over to the bird site a second ago and man. still kinda sucks, yah know?

You: Jon Arbuckle killed Lyman
Me: Lyman and Jon entered an extreme dom/sub relationship years ago and Lyman voluntarily lives under Jon's bed in a gimp mask for Jon's perpetual sexual edification.

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