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If I know you from Bird, I will follow you back.
If I don’t, I won’t right away. I’ve been down the road of following everyone back and it wasn’t a good idea.

A number of his voters don't care about our world standing, but everyone should.

It affects numerous, tangible things.

The rest of us must choose more wisely soon.

Maybe use some of that $6 trillion to build the social safety nets we needed before this crisis and clearly still do.

If Republicans can conjure a half trillion for Cruise Ships, they can keep Social Security and Medicare afloat.

Trump says nation can see "light at the end of the tunnel" as Washington pushes $6 trillion stimulus:

@IronMan2020 Apparently Rs are fighting over money to states for election security so states can do mail in ballots... because of course!

For years, Oregon has had a vote by mail system. 

It works. Ballots and voters' pamphlets are sent to all voters. 

If a recount is necessary, paper ballots are there. Voting is done within the privacy of one's home, without risking one's health.

All states should implement such a system and we should all be demanding our states implement a system like this immediately.

Social distancing/physical distancing/safe-at-home/lock down/whatever you wish to call it is a strategy to create time to get other efforts in place (testing, hospital preparedness, etc.) in a fast-moving outbreak. 

It's been made a necessity by a slow to acknowledge, disjointed early response and a lack of the ramping up of necessary resources by the president and by the Republican Senate.

Stay at home if you can.
Limit contact when you are out.
Don't bash "both sides."
Vote blue.

I have said many times that the Republican Party should die. I did NOT mean that people who are Republicans should die. But that’s where this thing is heading. See Mississippi, for example.

@IronMan2020 “While Fauci said he and the President ‘disagree on some things,’ he described Trump as responsive: ‘He goes his own way. He has his own style. But on substantive issues, he does listen to what I say.’”

1. I hope they disagree on more than “some things.”
2. I know Dr. Fauci is in an almost impossible position here as an intelligent person who pulls focus away from trump, but does he really expect us to believe trump listens to anyone unless they have leverage over him?

@IronMan2020 Also, there’s a world full of people who would line up for the chance.

I think Trump tolerates him more than listens to him.

A NYT story excerpt:

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