Sometimes you open the GT’s Passionberry Kombuchas and it’s flat.

Other times it’s like one of those “elephant toothpaste” experiments.

I got the latter today.


My father said I was crazy for wanting to get sterilized.

That republicans would never overturn Roe v. Wade.

Well, who’s crazy now, dad?

Twitter blocked my account again so fuck em I’m gonna use this place more often.

tmi stuff 

So I’ve had diarrhea for a week and it’s not cool.

Cleaned all the melted chocolate stains off the dashboard and upholstery in my car today.

I made fried apples from all the stuff mom brought back from Amish country.

I’ve been on a two-month sugar binge and I’m really upset with myself.

But it’s hard to get back on track when your mom comes back from Amish Country in Ohio with 4 gallons of apple cider 😫

gender stuff 

It’s hard having nonbinary feelings when you’ve got tig ol’ bitties stuck on your chest. 😕

This guy is the Necco-Mata.

It was for an assignment where we had to combine a Halloween candy and a mythical creature.

I picked the Japanese Nekomata and Necco Wafers because I love a good (bad) pun.

The Necco-Mata spends his days disguised as an old woman begging for change.

When dismissed he transforms into a giant cat that projectile-vomits Necco Wafers on to his victims.

You can only appease him by offering him candy that is more appealing.


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