CSS stands for Crying, Sobbing, Silently

anybody got some spare raspis laying around? i can use them to prototype a mesh network, but for any significant demo, i'm going to need several of them.

hit me up! even one helps ❤️

Oh nice, this Windows 2016 server I'm setting up as an antivirus server comes preinstalled with Microsoft services for Downloaded Maps, Geolocation, and Xbox Live Game Save

That seems very secure and enterprisey.

Microsoft, do you know what a server is?

Can I just point out for real an unintended consequence of namesquatting in the different instances is it makes it harder to @ you, esp on mobile

hahahahaha we need a Cramer meme for twitter right now.


that's nice.. I can come here and complain twitter is down instead of bitching alone

The twitter is dead. Long live the not-Twitter!

Tfw you're centralized and when you go down it affects all users

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@cynicalsecurity To be fair: It is entirely normal in the scientific process for stuff to be invented, forgotten, reinvented under different name, forgotten again, buried in wet mud for a few years, used as paper airplane, and eventually taught in universities as trivial.

See the many times automatic differentiation was invented. Or anything else, really.

Even if you try, literature research is hard, and a surprising amount of pre-late-90s-research isn't available in indexable form.

Whenever someone says they did something, "like a boss", I assume that means they didn’t do it at all and are merely taking credit for it.

Food $200
Data $150
Rent $800
Venture Capital for IoT-connected juice bag squeezers $120,000,000
Utility $150
someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my tech bubble is bursting

502,910 accounts
+1,659 in the last hour
+18,341 in the last day
+125,947 in the last week
1,290 active instances

Hydroplaning at 65 MPH sounds fun in theory, but in practice, not so much.

Bears repeating 

🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻

I wasn't happy with having to give login credentials to ReadMyToots,py, so I made a scraper that needs only UserName#Masto.Instance



And, as always, comments are greatly appreciated.


There is no policy mandating the use of content warnings (not to be confused with NSFW on images) on mastodon.social. It's between you and your followers. You shouldn't demand that someone use it for politics (but I believe politely asking is OK)

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