cute racoon firing a rpg at an american ch-47 chinook

if chess was a videogame ppl would say that fools mate should be nerfed

the opposite of fish are birds, i'll say it i really don't give a shit anymore

this world is so depressing it really sucks shit

in the name of dame judy denches un-cgid hand, jason derulos massive hog and hoodie man. Amen

thinking of getting in on the ground floor of this "jazz" thing i think it might be big

Artists who plan their work are all cowards and none will ever create anything as iconic as this lightning rat.

And obviously the same goes for all artists who draw necks.

LAPD™️ A franchise wholly owned by The Walt Disney - Lockheed Martin Corporation

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Colonel Sanders fingerlikin' independent elective monarchy™️

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I hate it when the ghosts of hundreds of monks try to cancel me with Kung Fu and swords.

mormons be like "i already hate my first wife aha"

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