RT @PartyPrat@twitter.com: "oh shit a callout post, oh fuck, who said it"
"Ah, it's fucking nothing"

🐦🔗: twitter.com/PartyPrat/status/1

Because of the nature of the cross-poster you'll see all my content here on Mastodon, including retweets I think? But anything done on Masto is like ~exclusive content~

Hey you can use this handy tool to cross-post your tweets to your mastodon. Currently, masto to twitter cross posting doesn't work right now, it's temp disabled. But anyway here crossposter.masto.donte.com.br

Okay twitter posts to masto, masto toots don't go to twitter (yet) but they're supposed to so we'll see how this goes

This is a post, I wrote this on twitter, hello.

This is a toot I wrote this on mastodon hello

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Remember, kids: your first post in a new social network is a big responsibility, so please get it rigth.

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another trick to having a good time on mastodon imo: start tooting about anything other than mastodon

Big sleepy. Slamming the coffee. Gonna be a nice chill sunday I think. Gonna miss hangin with @floe after an awesome weekend <3

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Haha butts lol

I'm gonna try to remember to put horny posts behind NSFW CW tags but you 100% will not see IRL nudes or "private" stuff here so don't get ur hopes up

Lost a fucking follower because of pup hood takes on my twitter

For fuck's sake blemur

twitter migrants be posting on: Master of Don

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