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Good morning everyone! Have an amazing and sweet day today! Love you all! 🧡🧡🧡🐿🌺🌈

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@Gargron @Gargron which one boosts the cat pics, that's the most important question

Firefox update is so frequency, like under 10days one-time update, I used to use the ESR version.
the problem is mine seems can not update automatically, need to go to the website download the new version.
any pieces of advice?
right now I change back to the normal Firefox Quantum version. hopefully getting better!

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Look away from your screen for a bit. Allow your eyes and mind to rest.

@phryk @jsalvador @fewl
Good morning/evening, can I ask a question about python. ?
when I study python I had the question in the picture. and i try running in the IDLE, it said: name 'fname' is not defined
so what's the right answer and why? thanks in advance!

So right now all the gif can not automatically play and need click inside ? Does anyone else have this issue?

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