@amcewen right, could I ask a question about 🇬🇧? I heard on the news that some people think in the coming 10 years, the UK will not exist anymore, I was a little shocked by this always wanted to figure out why...(seems related to the UK is combined with different country ) but I don't know exactly what's going on.

Today I forgot to teach Nicolas how to say the car in Chinese.

it's not nice for you coworker to say that I think, but it depends on the context

Happy Halloween folks, especially my followers,
Yes it’s you

sorry to hear that, could i ask you did nothing they just baned you?

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@demi @gadflysu

除開Amaroq, 其他幾個好像都是安卓的,這個客戶端用習慣了其實還不錯,推薦下toot! -iOS 上面的

nothing, just star at the Federated timeline. :breathe:

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