The good thing about @MonogatariEngine being web based is that people don't need to deal with any stupid store rules or limitations and the games can be played pretty much everywhere.

@HyuchiaDiego @MonogatariEngine
Usually that argument goes the other way around: being web-based makes it easier (even natural) to add tracking and always-online DRM. At least I'm pretty sure that's the major reason why ports everything to their web engine.


@ayo That's also true!

I mean if people want to add tracking and/or DRM to their games, they'll find a way no matter what technology they're using, however, due to its nature, the web does have lots of tools ready to go for those purposes and actually, the fact that being web based you probably never truly *own* the game can be discouraging as well.

I guess everything has its quirks, however, the important difference would be letting the developers choose instead of enforce.

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