Sitting here using the , hacking in Builder and watching The Sopranos on the couch. This is really awesome!!!


@ryanleesipes Using Flatpak to get Builder Nightly is also a must, incredible work is being done there, it's really amazing!

@HyuchiaDiego I know! It's matured so much since the last time I used it. @hergertme is a saint! It's one of the best IDEs I've ever used, and I don't give that award lightly!

@hergertme Just curious, what distro do you use? Been trying to find one that let's me use Builder to it's best (altough with flatpak I guess it's pretty irrelevant) You are making an awsome work! thanks for giving us such a nice tool.

@HyuchiaDiego I'm running F26 pretty much everywhere now. Of course, there are kinks to iron out here and there, but I think Flatpak is probably best way to use Builder right now (except for hacking on Builder).

@hergertme Interesting, I tried F26 some days ago and it just didn't get along with my laptop XD was thinking on trying rawhide a try but I would guess it will be pretty much the same, thanks a lot :)

@hergertme @HyuchiaDiego I was gonna say, Ubuntu GNOME needs more Builder testing. I encountered a cloning bug again in 3.24 (from the repo, saw same bug from in 3.22 from repo), that doesn't exist in the Flatpak. I assume that is because everything it needs is self-contained there.

Also, I'm about to pass out, so I'm writing this so hopefully I remember to file that bug tomorrow.

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