"Create on your own terms"... you know, unless your terms go against their terms or what they think is right and if your content is NSFW chances are you'll eventually get fucked.

They should change that slogan.

About getting into #wicca. 

Watching The Rising of the Shield Hero makes me angry because of how disgusting all the people on it behave, then I realize it's just the same way on real life and then it also makes me sad...

I still enjoy it though, the hero and those who support him are a beacon of hope in the darkness of the world, something we should all aim to become.

Can't Hug You and Oh My Ghost are a must.

Getting after Netflix removed Boys Over Flowers was a good move.

There comes a time in every person's life where one has to wonder... where the hell can I get this giant ?!

El frappe del Italian Coffee es EL frappe.

Los mas parecidos en otros cafes son:

Manila Night - Cassava Roots
Oreo Frappe - Andatti Momento Espresso

¿Para qué necesitan esta información? No lo se.

Someone registered the domains for the upcoming avengers movie, bragged about it on Twitter to get tickets for the premiere and while didn't received the ticket, they sent him Deadpool props because he had set it up to redirect to Deadpool's website...

Extorsion can get you free things! Who would have thunk?!

Guy acts in a crappy way, society rewards him... and yet we wonder why our world is going to hell.

2018, they finally got Linus.

To be fair, Linus is just the first of many people who have "promoted" the toxicity present on the community. From mantainers to distro and app developers, the toxicity list is a long one.

This may be a first step but will it really weed out all these people? highly doubt it.

You can read the whole thing here: lore.kernel.org/lkml/CA+55aFy+

We are living the future.

is such an underrated ... too bad any attempts to translate the (unofficially) have never succeeded :(

Using the as a Story Telling Tool on a ... Seems like a good idea! At least it helps having symbols you can easily remember when building the whole story and putting events together.

2018, It's more likely you end up reading the cookies and overall privacy policy of a website or even their newsletter proposal than the actual article you went in for.

90% of the content on screen is not even something you want to see.

This is the Internet we created.

We are living the future.

Jam your WiFi for "educational purposes"

I mean... sure but... I'm not sure this will end in "education"...

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