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Jam your WiFi for "educational purposes"

I mean... sure but... I'm not sure this will end in "education"...

Why do I need both and for watching ?

Crunchyroll has Danmachi and Hidive has Sword Oratoria. Awesome combo!

If only and worked in Mexico....

One of the next features of , so awesome it actually lit some light on this error I had never noticed!

These new fancy errors will certainly be helpful for all developers!

Now, that is a figure worth having. Seems like Crunchyroll and Tokyo Otaku Mode are selling it and preorders are closing soon.

Some people make self driving cars... some just make pointy cars move on your terminal.

What is the point on setting up a secure messaging app like (which uses ) if they are going to verify me through a based Captcha? Makes no sense.

Sun reflection in my room looks like a Star Trek teleportation...

Why does the Straw campaign focuses on stopping it's use and production instead of focusing on the fact that we should not be dumping our trash in the ocean?

Have we already accepted we are unable to change our awful habits and instead of trying to change them, we are trying to stop the production and use?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all in for the campaign against straws but I do think we need to acknowledge that we are the ones doing wrong, not the straw by itself.

What if the Sagittarius Gold Cloth always came to assist Seiya and Athena because of the promise Sisifo made to Tenma in the past Holly War stating that he would protect Athena even after the end of his life?

Lets face it, Lost Canvas is the best Saint Seiya Ever.

I have to admit, watching Mirai pull the blades out made me cry a bit. Asuma would be proud. Also, love that she has Kurenai's eyes.

"It records and repeats everything it hears"

I mean really?! People like Snowden literally gave up their lives just so we could become aware of the threats to our privacy and still we buy and produce this kind of toys?

The best gift you can give your children is privacy. Talk with them, make them privacy aware and save yourself a lot of trouble in the future. Don't teach them that it's normal to have something record everything you say.

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