Little did Shinji know 's Human Instrumentality Project real goal was to store everyone's soul in the

's batteries only lasted 1 minute because they mined souls in the background

Just reminded I haven't watch this year. No wonder it's been such a crappy year xD

Yes, well, why am I not impressed? A new platform ( dedicated to anime and of course it's not available in

No wonder why everyone feels subscribing to a streaming service is stupid and a waste of money when they can have free unlimited animes via .

As long as people pay, why the fuck do we need to restrict content based on their location?

99% of the people who think Shinji from is a crybaby would have run away from day one if they were the ones in his situation.

I've got crunchyroll, hidive, netflix and amazon prime and yet, One punch man 2 is NOT available in any of them! (At least in Mexico) and people wonder why everyone just prefers piracy -.- this is ridiculous.

If you are into music, is a must have. It may not have everything, but its catalog is far better than Spotify's or Play Music.

I can only compare 's perfection to that of the visual novels... the feelings are just pure.

Watching The Rising of the Shield Hero makes me angry because of how disgusting all the people on it behave, then I realize it's just the same way on real life and then it also makes me sad...

I still enjoy it though, the hero and those who support him are a beacon of hope in the darkness of the world, something we should all aim to become.

Fansubs are usually better than "profesional" subtitles because they tend to keep the Japanese language essence instead of trying to localize everything, which usually ends up having with a hole different meaning.

It's even worse with some Netflix subtitles where they simply write what they like, sometimes ending up with a totally different phrase that they thought "was better". (Of course this is partly result of their ridiculous subbing rules)

1. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
2. Kill la Kill

That's the right order to see them.

is such an underrated ... too bad any attempts to translate the (unofficially) have never succeeded :(

I try to support as much as I can but they really make it hard to do so.

I pay for , , and but a lot of the content on those is not available due to my region (Mexico) and even if it was, a lot of animes are not available on any of them.

There is no many physical anime you can buy here so you have to import them at an insane price and in my experience, with worst subs than many fansubs.

I'd love to support it but they just don't help.

So I just discovered has a second season and even a third one coming, why the hell didn't I knew that? I don't know but it certainly made my day!

Why do I need both and for watching ?

Crunchyroll has Danmachi and Hidive has Sword Oratoria. Awesome combo!

If only and worked in Mexico....

Now, that is a figure worth having. Seems like Crunchyroll and Tokyo Otaku Mode are selling it and preorders are closing soon.

Simple Question with Tiny Boruto Spoilers 

I've been wondering, is the ninja device boruto's wearing really cheating? I mean tools as puppets are allowed, the special tools the sound village used to wear were also allowed, and yes, those tools may be OK because they still depended on the user's ability but other stuff like Naruto's kyubi chakra or Gaara's sand defense, were not "natural" and made them had a clear advantage.

The prohibited Kage bunshin jutsu was allowed too.

The new Gun Gale Online anime got off to a lazy start for something with the words Sword Art Online on the title (imho), I hope they don't just take advantage of SAOs popularity and that it gets to the right awesomeness level on time.

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