I have zero knowledge on the situation other than they took too long to release a game but every time I read anything complaining about that I just panic at the fact has not had any real release in more than two years and in more than five...

A third major rewrite on ended up creating a React-Polymer kind of framework with react life cycles bit with custom elements... things are getting crazy.

If you are on Twitter and have an interest on the , you can now follow it to get news, tips and more at twitter.com/monogatari

I created a Twitter account for only to get it suspended within minutes of creating it :/

I'm not sure if the previous owner of that handle broke the rules or if something else is happening but I just hope no body sends me an angry email or something.

I wish I could just change the handle but I can't do anything with it locked out and all methods to unblock it say that it has reached the request limit.

Just contacted support and hope for the best :/

Have you seen the awesome built with ?

Some may be though so careful opening the gallery :)


The number one error when building a in is to think you are creating a game instead of a website.

The first only takes you so far while the second is what Monogatari is all about.

One of the next features of , so awesome it actually lit some light on this error I had never noticed!

These new fancy errors will certainly be helpful for all developers!

Maybe a little late but in case you missed it (and was of your interest), a new version of , my web engine (monogatari.io/), was released some weeks ago!

As always, the work of many awesome people made it possible!


I'm rolling out a Server for so you can get quicker support and hopefully a community starts building up :)



Just updated the daily site with latest commit (cda3ee5). Few minor changes since I'm mostly rewriting it on a mobile first approach (styling relied too much on view port units so the new approach should be better)


I don't know why I didn't do it before but now I'll be uploading the latest development version to a test domain so that people can watch what's going on and this way, testing on multiple devices and production environments will be easier :D


I really think should get a Mascot, damn my inability to draw.

Latest release fixes some bugs and is easy to upgrade since it's just a maintenance release and only one file changes.


French translation UI strings just got some corrections on thanks to the guys at WonderDreamProd!

Remember you can just replace your strings.js file with the one in the master branch (github.com/Monogatari/Monogata)

Or, if you've made some changes to it yourself, you can just copy the french part or even string by string.


just recently got a text type animation and it's getting an auto play mode as well! Both are part of the upcoming v1.3.4 release next to some other improvements.



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