You know who likes filling themselves with workspaces?

People who reuse passwords, that's who.

Harry Potter and the World where didn't Buy and Killed the Launcher

@Lofenyy Oh really? That's great! Hope the world catches up and services like this become more available and specially less expensive :/

I suppose picking the food up instead of having it delivered could help lowering the price a bit but yeah, if they do provide daily meals I suppose it would be as expensive as always eating on a restaurant :/

Owning a email address in a profession that deals with sensitive data should be considered professional negligence.

@ayo Oh yes! By some reason people believe of it's by voice, it's safer xD Emails are another issue, where they even dare sending SSH keys and you're like :pika:

Repeat after me:

You should not send passwords or any other secrets via slack.

You should not send passwords or any other secrets via slack.

You should not send passwords or any other secrets via slack.

You should not send passwords or any other secrets via slack.

You should not send passwords or any other secrets via slack.

Developers: We love this task management tool, it has everything we need and it has all the integrations we could have ever asked for, it looks modern and clean as well. It has literally saved us hours and adapts to our workflow perfectly!

Product Owner who checks the board once every few months: Uhm yeah, it's cOnFusInG, can we use ?

Harry Potter and the people who use Steve Jobs as a good example of leadership

El comete el gravísimo error de no especificar algún tipo de "nivel".

Dudo que sea lo mismo una pizza marcada con "exceso de calorias" que una barra de avena con el mismo etiquetado, sin embargo actualmente así pareciera (si nos guiamos solo por eso) y de pasarme de calorías con una barra de avena a pasarme con una pizza, creo que todos escogeríamos la pizza.

Harry Potter and the "America" that turned out to be a continent.

Useless fact I learned today:

The cheese in is not actually manchego.

Real manchego is produced in from the milk of a breed of sheep called manchega in the region of La Mancha.

Mexico's manchego is a cow milk based industrialized that has nothing to do with the real one so... probably something people who actually know about cheese would deem as terrible.

Harry Potter and the site that claims military grade security because they added an SSL certificate

People who send the credentials for their entire infrastructure via mail or slack are monsters.

@ayo That's also true!

I mean if people want to add tracking and/or DRM to their games, they'll find a way no matter what technology they're using, however, due to its nature, the web does have lots of tools ready to go for those purposes and actually, the fact that being web based you probably never truly *own* the game can be discouraging as well.

I guess everything has its quirks, however, the important difference would be letting the developers choose instead of enforce.

I've spent my life searching for a kangaroo on every zoo I've ever visited.

There never is one.

The good thing about @MonogatariEngine being web based is that people don't need to deal with any stupid store rules or limitations and the games can be played pretty much everywhere.

I don't know who created this but mark it down as the only meme you'll ever see me posting. A true piece of art.

Harry Potter and the Open Case that couldn't fit a E-ATX motherboard.

Just reminded I haven't watch this year. No wonder it's been such a crappy year xD

Me: I should make streams and record videos

My house (full of people playing the piano): N O P E

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