Still a work in progress but my altar is looking good!

Still missing a lot of elements though.

This may be an unpopular opinion but is the definition of over-engineered.

By the way someone manages their repository you can tell if they've been involved in or not. There are some pretty nasty practices out there.

Ah yes, nothing like getting threatened of losing my laptop's guarantee because I re-installed windows and updated the BIOS using their own software on a 2-month old device that started showing symptoms of a faulty processor.

Joke's on me for buying a

Little did Shinji know 's Human Instrumentality Project real goal was to store everyone's soul in the

's batteries only lasted 1 minute because they mined souls in the background

You can complain all you want about and 's but so far those are the only two desktop environments that just work out of the box in a HiDPI screen for me.

Tried *, ** and ** because I wanted something lightweight without entering the Window Manager world.

Still need to try , and though.

* Worked but had to go to the settings and do it manually

** Should work by changing the settings but for some reason it just didn't

Layered sprites in @MonogatariEngine has been the only thing that made me actually:

1) Add a way to disable rollback right from the settings (which so far was avoided because blocking rollback is also a way for devs to get lazy).

2) Start working on type definitions (as in ) for the whole as a primary necessity.

I HOPE it's finally close to done though, but then again, I said the same thing about a year ago :D

"You have to cancel your holiday plans to avoid spreading... I do need everyone back to work in the office tough"

Something's... off there

- US-based person makes "joke" about China spying

Me: You do realize what country you're in right?...

This post title should be changed to " users don't want to use anything other than Windows" period.

It has nothing to do with and quite honestly all "issues" mentioned are the simple consequence of the fact that yes, only windows behaves like windows, if you're so used to that, why even botter leaving it?

Also, putting Danielle's picture like that just seems shitty (at least to me). I find it incredible how kids are able to navigate this thing xD

Me: I should try and finally see what the fuss is all about

*20 minutes of incredibly shady-written prompts for you to subscribe/buy stuff later*

Nope... *uninstalls*

De los creadores de "estás así porque te falta hambre" viene "el que vive aislado es porque quiere" (refiriéndose al aislamiento por pandemia).


Monday is a bad day for a standup meeting, specially if the first question is "What did you do yesterday?"

Exceso de grasas, sodio, calorias, azucares y demás pero si a los vivos no les importa, a los muertos...

So can someone fire whoever made the decision to use "What's Up" in the Welcome to Racoon City trailer?

Thank you

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