@pbx Yup, had to set it up in a Ubuntu 14.04 VM and VERY specific versions for each dependency.

Biggest issue was many libraries are now deprecated and some cyclic DB relations were setup for that project which of course must have been simple when it was already running but becomes a pain when trying to set it up from scratch.

Life was presented with the "Trolley Problem" and came up with a simple solution: If it derailed, it could kill everyone.

Today is one of those days where I get to try and revive a 8 year old project I've never seen in my life only to find everything is broken

is an ecosystem that goes far beyond . Whenever you develop an app, do the right thing and avoid vendor lock-ins.

might be the straightforward solution but there's a whole world out there where firebase won't work.

The might be the "biggest" store but additionally providing an APK download IS universal and safer to have that APK come from you rather than an agregation site.

Do the right thing, provide a choice.

Harry Potter and the Project Manager who made impossible promises and then disappeared.

@ayo Oh that's even worse! Because they're not even bragging about their personal success and just shield on the people around them. Same as when they present themselves using the name of the organization or university they're on xD just terrible

You know you have to seriously doubt about someone's abilities when they start bragging about how many successful projects they've been a part of as they present themselves in anything other than a work interview.

If the only difference between your MVP and your "final" product is a formula, then you're NOT creating an MVP, you're creating the full product.

is the best, most hassle free way of getting up and running.

The official way of downloading a zip sucks and the package has always had some sort of issue that ultimately makes me uninstall it.

Flatpak so far has always worked out of the box for me.

The moment you start calling people "resources" you've completely lost yourself.

And remember, more developers DOES NOT mean more productivity.

There's rarely such a lineal relation and it also depends on the level of skills they all have.

If you have 10 developers for a project where only 2 are able to work without step by step instructions on what to do, your productivity is going to hell.

@DeadBull The simpsons are there in the US (possibly others) xD in Latinoamerica only the last two seasons are there, which of course I hope they eventually will upload all of them as soon as Fox's streaming rights are over.

I believe the difference is the R rating though.

So Disney+ won't have because they want "a family environment"?

Like... don't fucking buy then? Doing kids and adults accounts with different catalogs is as simple as an age field in a database but no, how would the corporate monster really is lose the opportunity to force people to subscribe to yet another service when they've already literally forced them to subscribe to Disney+ by removing all their content from other platforms?

Panorama (in ):

Pixels are not flagships anymore
Huawei is google banned
LG is pretty much gone
Alcatel just does low end devices now
Motorola only offers 1 year of updates
Nokia hasn't been able to keep up
Xiaomi depends on where you stand with China

Almost all other relevant brands are not locally available

Meaning Samsung is the only one left in the Android race so you either like them (I don't) or you go get an iPhone, unless you're willing to ditch Google and get a Huawei

@DeadBull I looked it up on youtube since I had never heard about it before. That was a mistake xDDDD

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